How To: Make Your Own Advent Wreath


Hannah Shulski

An Advent wreath sitting on a kitchen table.

Happy New Year! New Liturgical year, that is. Advent is the start of the Church’s liturgical season and many people like to celebrate by making an Advent wreath. Advent wreaths are not purely decorative; they are also very symbolic. The circular shape of the wreath represents God’s infinite love for us, the purple candles embodies patiently waiting for the birth of Jesus, and the pink candle symbolizes joy.

Some Christians decorate their Advent wreaths differently. For example, purple candles can be swapped out with red candles, and a white candle can be placed in the middle of the wreath. This white candle is commonly known as the “Christmas candle” because it is lit on Christmas day.

Below is a tutorial on how to make an Advent wreath. The best part about making your own wreath is that it is easily customizable so you can make it as personal as you want it to be!


DIY Advent Wreath- What you’ll need

3 Purple or Red Candles

1 Pink Candle

1 White Candle (optional)

1 Pine Wreath, natural or artificial

1 Large Plate or Tray (optional)

4 Candle Holders (optional)

Artificial Berries (optional)




  1. If using a plate or tray to hold the advent wreath, make sure that it is clean.  
  2. Place the wreath on a stable surface such as a table or tray.  
  3. If using candleholders, place them on the inside of your wreath, and then add the candles into the candleholders. If you are not using holders for your candles, simply place the four candles on the inside of your wreath so that they are symmetrical.  
  4. If you are adding the white Christmas candle to your Advent wreath, place it in the middle of the wreath and the four candles.  
  5. Your Advent wreath is finished and now you can decorate it however you want! One common way to spruce up an Advent wreath is to add artificial berries, but you can do whatever you want to to make yours look beautiful. You can add scented pinecones, poinsettias, artificial snow, or anything else to your wreath. The options are endless!