Arizona Winter Activities


Alissa Celaya '20

Phoenix offers a plethora of light shows during the holiday season.

Alissa Celaya, Class Writer

In the dry, desert state of Arizona, many Arizonans might believe that there is not to do to get in the holiday mood. In order to get people into the holiday spirit, Phoenix has many winter activities to offer with a wide age range so that anyone can enjoy their time.

Many houses in Arizona go big or go home when it comes to decorating. For example, there is a house located in Arcadia near Goldwater that allows people to drive by or walk through it. The house exhibits many lights and blow ups in order to attract people. Another house, like the one in Arcadia, is located in Ahwatukee near the Equestrian. These houses allow people to come together and look at their free displays. Many families have a tradition to drive around in cars and look at houses.

Another good way for people to get into the holiday spirit is Glendale Glitters, a free event with local dance groups and small business selling their holiday items. Many people come to Downtown Glendale with their families to view the lights, watch young dance groups perform and shop around. Another activity is the Illumination, Symphony of Lights, which is located in Tempe and in North Phoenix. This usually costs from $29 to $65 per car and a portion of the money will be donated to Banner Children’s Hospital, according to the Banner website. In this light festival, cars drive through the pathway of lights while the radio is synced with the light show. These activities are just some of the many holiday activities that Arizona has to bring.

Junior Alex Lambesis  was recently at Illumination, Symphony of Light and said that, “This was one of the greatest light shows that I have seen, it was very exciting to see all the lights and to be with all of my friends.”

These light events are good for families and friends to visit. A majority of the owners of these light festivals are locals and they donate part of the money to charity. Even though Phoenix does not snow or get any colder than 30 degrees, this is a great way to experience the holidays and be grateful for what Arizona has to offer.  

Junior Grae Fischer says that, “Arizona has many things to bring in the Christmas season and it makes me feel closer to family and friends and to be apart of the community.”