Hoopcoming: A Tradition Like No Other


Junior Megan Onofrei, Senior Lindsay Hubbard, and Senior Sadie Wintergalen enjoyed the atmosphere of the Brophy Hoopcoming Basketball Game. Although the Broncos came up short in the game this year, Hoopcoming was a fun time for all.

Emmie Halter, Club Writer

Hoopcoming is not only one of the best dances of the school year, but is also one of Brophy’s biggest sporting events. After seeing the talented Bronco basketball players dribble their way to victory, students can head to the Great Hall to top off their night with dancing and fun. Xavier’s Gatorline rallies the students, faculty, and families with their perfect dances and crowd engaging cheers, which makes the game even more exciting. In addition, Hoopcoming is a different school activity that you can not find at any other public or private schools in Phoenix.

Last year’s Hoopcoming game proved to be one of the best games in Brophy history with graduated Jaxson Baker making a game winning 3 pointer in the last 15 seconds. The game was against another top team, Pinnacle, but the Broncos played their heart out and came out on top. A video of the Broncos’ last-minute shot to win the game got a spot on ESPN’s Instagram, racking up over 1 million views. Several comments made on ESPN’s post touched on the amazing sportsmanship and school spirit of the Broncos, leaving the 2018 basketball season as one of the best in Brophy’s history. This 2019 season is just as hopeful as last year with the Broncos ranked 2nd in the 6A Premier division.

Even though the basketball game is the highlight of Hoopcoming, after the game: food, a DJ and Karaoke await excited students at the Hoopcoming dance. Junior Caroline Andreen says “the easy-going environment of the dance makes for a fun and laid back night with friends.” Brophy student council works hard to put on a special dance while adding some extra amenities to the night. Last year, students could cure their hunger pangs after cheering for the Broncos with popcorn and churros. Brophy sophomore Matthew Tanner says that “Hoopcoming is a tradition that never fails to excite students, faculty, and parents, of the Xavier and Brophy community.” The uniqueness of the event and the common success of the Broncos make Hoopcoming many students’ favorite dance of the year.