Student Spotlight: Marybeth Bonner ’19


Senior, Marybeth Bonner smiles in her natural habitat: nature! Photo Courtesy of Molly McElenney Photography.

Lauren Brown, Class Writer

With both the new year and second semester just starting, it is now the time to organize our lifestyle choices and get back into the groove of things. With so much chaos taking place at the start of a new year, it is important to refocus and reflect on how we want to live our lives. One student in particular, senior Marybeth Bonner, is quite the advocate for choosing a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. On top of her passion for healthy living, Marybeth’s involvement at Xavier goes above and beyond, speaking to her character.

Since her freshman year, Bonner has been a part of the Student Ambassador Club here at Xavier. This year, she is now the Attendance Chair for the club. In addition, Bonner is also the secretary of the senior class Student Council, and she is involved in PACX Club, National Honor Society, and French Club.

As for outside of school activities, Bonner spends her time going to yoga, cooking, hiking, biking, and walking her dogs. Bonner states, “going to yoga regularly has also helped me create more balance in my life. I try to eat as healthy as I can, be as waste-free as possible, and use eco-friendly, cruelty-free products.” Bonner also practices a vegan lifestyle. She first became interested in “veganism” after watching documentaries on the subject and following vegan activists on social media. She comments on the subject, saying, “I decided to go vegan to do my part in saving the suffering animals and trying to help the environment by reducing my carbon footprint. Being vegan has allowed me to grow and open up to new experiences.”

As for college, Marybeth is thinking of attending the University of Michigan, Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University, or Santa Clara University. Although not committed, University of Michigan is her dream school.

For her last few months of senior year, she plans to spend as much time as possible with the people she loves and to not waste any time. Her overall goal for the remainder of the year is to focus on being present.