Lookback on the Father/Daughter Ski Trip

(Left to Right) Xavier sophomores Janessa Gutierrez, Reyva Murty, and Gabi Ruiz out in the frigid snow

Photo courtesy of Janessa Gutierrez '21

(Left to Right) Xavier sophomores Janessa Gutierrez, Reyva Murty, and Gabi Ruiz out in the frigid snow

Janessa Gutierrez, Class Writer

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Let’s take a look back on the 2019 Father/Daughter Ski trip to Durango, Colorado!

The annual Father/Daughter Ski trip took place from Jan. 18 to 21. Xavier takes large buses, one for each grade, and even more depending on how many girls and their dads are going. Students are also able to fly or drive separately along with their father’s. However, those who chose to take the buses were given an experience full of fun games and groovy music, which was played along the drive up. Overall, it took about nine hours to finally arrive at Purgatory Resort, where the fathers and daughters resided for the weekend. Sophomore Reyva Murty said that, “At first, I didn’t expect for the trip to be so fun and exciting being that I don’t enjoy the cold like many others but I am so glad that I went, it was super enjoyable.”

Although it’s titled the “Ski Trip”, there’s a lot more to do than just skiing. Below, you can see a picture of dogs, pulling a sled which is one of numerous activities that students and their fathers are able to choose from. On Sunday, the last night of the trip, the girls are told to meet up in there rooms at 9:30pm so that the dads could deliver there letters that they have written to their daughters. The Father/Daughter Ski trip was a great opportunity for spending time and creating a stronger bond with our father’s.

Photo courtesy of Janessa Gutierrez ‘21
Xavier students ride on the the spectacular dog sled.

Sophomore Gabi Ruiz summed it up best, “Even though, it’s the father/daughter ski trip, it’s a great opportunity to meet other Xavier girls that you might have never been given the chance to meet.”


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