Xavier students prioritize Galentine’s Day over Valentine’s Day

XPress students celebrate Galentine's Day with cupcakes, cookies and more sweets. Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

XPress students celebrate Galentine's Day with cupcakes, cookies and more sweets. Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Tatum Dial, Opinions Editor

Valentine’s Day is known to be a holiday that is celebrated with significant others and involves the giving of flowers, chocolates and other heart shaped materials. But what if you do not have a significant other?

Well, here at Xavier, sisterhood and friendships should be celebrated and cherished along with romantic relationships, and Galentine’s Day allows for Xavier students to share love with their best friends and let each other know how much they appreciate friendship. Our all girls school is extremely focused on building each other up and creating a community full of love and kindness. Galentine’s Day supports this idea because it emphasizes the importance of friendship in the lives of Xavier students.

Giving of gifts is a nice way to display the love you have for someone, but there are other ways to show your girls how much you truly care. For example, you can write sweet notes, print out memorable photos or even something as simple as sending a little text. In this way, girls at Xavier can extend the love they have to friends as opposed to just a romantic partner.

           Senior Abbey Alexander says, “It’s important to share love with your friends. It’s a reason to celebrate your friendships and love for one another.” Alexander says that she and her friends have done Galentine’s Day brunches to celebrate the holiday. We are extremely fortunate to go to a school where friendship is a valued subject and the clubs and activities here at Xavier make it possible for students to create new friendships. Like Alexander says, it is necessary to celebrate the beauty of friendship because, at Xavier, the friendships you make last a lifetime.

           Senior Maddie Dinowitz explains, “We always do a potluck on Valentine’s Day at lunch. I like making sweets with pink frosting. I think Valentine’s Day is fun to celebrate with your friends while wearing red.” Dinowitz loves to make treats with her mom, who also celebrates Galentine’s Day with her. Maddie’s best friend his her mom so she very much prioritizes spending quality time showing how much love she has in that special relationship.

Galentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate special friendships in your life and to show the love and gratitude you have for people who support, listen, and love you.