Father Kevin kicks off his new blog

Father Kevin Grimditch, chaplain, answers questions about his new blog, the 2016 World Youth Day trip and the upcoming school year.


Ellee Forsythe

Father Kevin

Sydney Missigman, Writer

Q: What will be the focus of your blog?

A: “I certainly want to focus on whatever interests the girls, the readers. I will include tips on spirituality and prayer, the lives of the saints and how they can influence us. I might also include pop culture or any controversial topics that might be in the news and how to address some of those issues.”

Q: Have you ever written a blog before? If so, for what?

A: “I have. I wrote a blog for a year when I was studying in Rome. It was a good way to keep family and friends in touch with the different things I was doing.”

Q: Can Xavier expect to find any news about the 2016 World Youth Day trip in your blog?

A: “I hope so! Especially when we get closer to the trip, I’ll talk about the preparations and excitement of the experiences ahead.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to about World Youth Day?

A: “I’m looking forward to being in a crowd that big, as scary as it might seem! We will encounter young people from all over the world. It will be a powerful experience to pray all together.”

Q: How will this blog help spread the Gospel message to the Xavier Community?

A: “Hopefully it can show the different aspects of the faith. I like comparing the faith to a symphony; there are so many aspects and so many beautiful parts. The more you learn about the faith, the more beauty it takes on. I want to expand on what readers may already know from theology class or mass.”

Q: How often will you be posting on your blog?

A: “My goal is every other week.”

Q: As we begin the new school year, do you have any religious or academic advice for Xavier students?

A: “Enjoy the search for knowledge and wisdom. The world is a wonderful place; therefore, we should wonder at its greatness and the diversity that’s there… don’t just worry about grades!”