The Mothers’ Guild gives back through the “Gator Angels” program


Kalani Van Meter

The Mother’s Guild has Gator’s Angels to help families.

This community is widely known for the incredible support it has for its members during both the good and bad times. Especially during tough experiences, the community has supported those in need in various ways.

One way is through the Gator Angels program sponsored by the Mothers’ Guild. This program’s goal is to make life a bit easier for a Xavier community member in need. Priscilla Martinez, the Mothers’ Guild secretary, said, “The impact it had on others is tremendous and it has touched so many involved.”

Once a request for aid is made, a group of mothers comes together to provide meals and transportation for a family for as long as needed. This program has supported many families throughout the years to help them get back on their feet after experiencing a struggle, such as the tragic loss of a family member or the difficult search for a job.

In order to strengthen the bond of our school community, support is needed in times of joy and hardship. Martinez remared, “We are here to help anyone during their difficult time.”

Gator Angels provides reassurance that even though times are rough, there are people who will help you get through it.