Welcome to XPress


Xpress welcomes its new members into the class. Shot by Alissa Celaya-2020, Pictured from left to right is Senior Mia Parham, Junior Emma McCarthy, Senior Delainey Maxwell, Sophomore Maia Weingard, Junior Zoelyn Mulloy, and Senior Jocylen Rupp.

Alissa Celaya, Class Writer

XPress is a student-run newspaper that allows students to focus on their journalism skills that consist of writing and broadcast journalism. The XPress team helps students focus on preparing for their future careers by assisting them to navigate through their interests and passions. Contrary to the widely popular tradition of print newspapers, our team has decided to go online. Our website (news.xpress.org), displays a biography of each member which includes their position, year, and interests. Sophomores through seniors are invited to take Journalism class to be involved in the publication, but freshman are encouraged to participate in the club. Everyone, whether a club member or class writer, can write for XPress.

The 2019-2020 class consists of seven new members, six returning and a new moderator. The new members in Broadcast Journalism can choose to either write an article or produce a video. They can write according to their interests, as long as their piece connects to the Xavier community. This allows the writer to explore different ideas to share with the student body and teachers. The categories on the XPress website, Arts and Entertainment, Opinions, Sports and Fitness, Faith and Action, Connect, and Campus News, can cover every event at Xavier. Each category has its own section editor. This year five new editors are eager to work with Xpress, and those returning are excited to take on new roles in the publication. For example, XPress has a new Opinions Editor, Mia Parham. Mia has been apart of the Xpress club for two years, but this will be her first year as an editor.

Opinions editor, Mia Parham-2020, says “I hope to improve my journalism skills.” 

All of the new XPress members are prepared and thrilled for another great year. Together, everyone can bring their ideas to a hub for all our school news. This way, the entire student body can see the creativity and dedication of each XPress member. XPress is excited to see the fresh faces and new  that they will bring to the board!