The Annual Father Daughter Mass & Breakfast


Trinity Good '20 and her father at the 2019 Father-Daughter Mass and Breakfast at XCP. Photo credit: Fiona Good '23.

Camy Rael, Campus News Editor

High School can be a demanding time for many students, making it a struggle to find time to bond with family members. The Father-Daughter Mass and Breakfast serves as a relaxing time to escape the busyness. This day is a very special tradition for both the Dads’ Club and Xavier. Many students consider it to be the perfect way to spend time with their fathers amid a tumultuous semester. 

The event consists of a mass in the Chapel of Our Lady, offering students a morning of peaceful reflection. Mass is followed by a fun breakfast and a guest speaker in Founders Hall. This breakfast allows students to catch up with their fathers in different areas of their lives. 

This year’s event was held on Saturday, October 5th. All Xavier students and their fathers are welcome to attend the mass and breakfast, regardless of religious preference or Dads’ Club membership. If someone’s father is unavailable for the event, they may attend as a guest with a friend. 

I feel that this event is important because, as a senior, the opportunities I will have to enjoy these special bonding moments with my parents are dwindling,” said Senior Taylor Garman ‘20. “It’s important to make memories and spend time with parents while we’re still able to do so!”

The Father-Daughter Mass and Breakfast not only provides girls with an opportunity to attend an exciting event with their dad, but it also brings the Xavier community closer together. It is a great morning for fathers and daughters to meet new people within the Xavier community, and learn about the latest news around campus.

“One of my favorite things about this year’s event was listening to the Xavier Alumnus who spoke about the success and happiness she found after graduating,” stated Trinity Good, ‘20.   

My dad’s favorite part was getting to sit next to me during the mass,” said Trinity Good ‘20. “I’m usually up in the risers because I’m in Honor Choir, but I got to sit next to him this time!”

Some Xavier dads will attend this event for more than four years because they have multiple daughters attending Xavier. As the school continues to grow, new students will have the opportunity to experience the wonderful Father-Daughter Mass and Breakfast with their dads.