Best/Funniest Memories of the class of 2020


The time when my sister and I drove to school and we both forgot our shoes at home… our dad was not happy when he had to drop them off at the parking lot for us. (Love you, Dad) -Tara Kobierowski
This is not MY embarrassing moment, but I will never forget when Maddy Skrovan face planted on Petznick Field in the middle of a Varsity soccer game. It was the funniest thing ever and could’ve been bad if we weren’t already winning like 13-0. Shoutout #BeesKnees
Getting a concussion in freshman PE during flag football 🙁
One time junior year, my friends bet me $50 that I couldn’t eat all those pieces of ham out of the Mac and cheese from the snack bar. Naturally, I took the bet and shoveled all the ham into my mouth at once thinking it’d be easier than eating those nasty things one at a time… bad idea… No later than five minutes afterwards did I vomit up all the ham and lost the bet 😂
Sophomore Prayer Day. Greatest Showman, Knuckles…I don’t think I have to say anything else
One time at a rally I screamed so hard that I literally lost consciousness because I had no air to my brain and fell down off of the bleachers!!
I fell up the stairs going to homeroom in Fitz. It was PEAK rush hour (about 7:47am) and I literally just face planted like 4 steps from the top. So a big thank you to Jocelyn and Maddy for laughing at me very loudly and getting everyone’s attention
When I couldn’t say the word “statistician” on the announcements #L
laying down & taking a whole nap in the middle of the courtyard and not getting caught 😳😜
I have tripped on the stairs in fitz at least 4 times every year
I apologize to Fr. Kevin for cracking my knuckles during the sophomore prayer day mass -Tara Kobierowski
When the freshman won the last rally last year. When I asked a freshman what the schedule was as a senior…oops -Marilyn Ghazoul
When we won the first (or was it the second?) rally of our junior year and the seniors were really, REALLY mad at us.
When we all cracked our knuckles during mass on sophomore prayer day and had to put our heads down on the cafeteria tables for the rest of the day. – Angelina Abdeen
When I broke my foot falling down the VPC stairs – Tatum Allen
Racing to the senior lunch line during lunch only to find juniors standing in your spot. #shouldicutthem #theyaren’tseniors
I got to school so early one day but didn’t want to give up my parking spot so I ubered to Ajs and then walked down camelback all the way back to school.
Most embarrassing moment was falling down the Fitz stairs my freshman year. I still think about it and cringe!
falling IN my desk in english class and crashing in the middle of the row….shoutout period 5 Conway yall know whats up
Open House every year. I think it goes without saying that everyone dreaded tours (especially juniors and seniors). If you “went to get water” or “went to get a snack” or “needed to take a break”, but really ended up hiding out in the bathroom for a solid 10-15 minutes (or like an hour), you are not alone. And they’ve always wondered where the ambassadors disappeared to during open house… P.S. sorry Ms. Running we love you!
My freshman year I fell backwards in the stairs in founders. I had a hard time getting up since my backpack was so heavy and everyone was walking over me.
Face-planting down the stairs of Fitzgerald Hall the first day of senior year
At the last lights out rally, the wrong music was played for the mock trial dance. But that’s okay because we laughed it off. 🙂
almost hitting the deans truck in the Xavier parking lot. Then the dean called my mom furious, to tell her I’m a terrible driver.
Falling down the staircases in Founders more than once #sizenike12shoes
I somersaulted down the outdoor founders staircase freshman year
When I turned off the PA microphone my junior year during the PR trial run
The number of times my name was mispronounced even by teachers who knew me.
On Can your Coffee Day, I thought it worked the same way as “Can Your Skirt” so I got ready for school and drove to school in Sweans. Then at the corner of 7th and Highland, I see all the Xavier girls walking from their cars and not a single person was in sweats. So I texted NHS President Taylor Garman and I learned that no, I could not wear sweans to school. So then I had to called my mom, got a drink and breakfast at Starbucks, and finally made it into school around 8:15. I’ll never forget writing “Forgot uniform” as a reason for my tardy. Also, it ended up being my one and only “Excused” tardy and we all know that absences/tardys are rarely “excused”
One of my funniest moments at Xavier was announcing I got the low on a math quiz to my whole class in Mr. Iacovo’s my senior year.
On my first day of summer school, I thought I had time to go to Starbucks, got Starbucks, was late, walked in bawling and the whole entire senior class saw.
It was Friday and I was “patiently” waiting for the bell to dismiss us from school. Once I heard the bell I starting jogging to my car. I was in upstairs founders and I started running down the stairs. at the bottom my foot slipped and I totally face planted. So embarrassing but looking back at it that was hilarious.
One of the most embarrassing yet funniest moments at Xavier was during homecoming spirit week our freshman year. Because the theme was Harry Potter, there was a day we could dress up as wizards from Hogwarts. I wore a Hogwarts robe, a Gryffindor tie, and glasses that looked like Harry. It was so much fun to wear throughout the day.
I slipped and fell in a puddle one morning when I was walking through the parking lot. Cars stopped to look at me and my mirrors and windows book went flying
accidentally starting the knuckle cracking during mass