Future Careers of the Class of 2020

Jessica Mirmelli ‘20 Spending time in the athletic training room 
Photo credit: Camy Rael ‘20

Jessica Mirmelli ‘20 Spending time in the athletic training room Photo credit: Camy Rael ‘20

Camy Rael

With graduation around the corner, Seniors at Xavier College Preparatory are beginning to consider what their future has in store. Students are making important decisions regarding which fields they want to study during college, and what industries they hope to enter as adults. While there is still plenty of time for students to learn more about their interests during their time at college, some Seniors have a clear plan regarding what type of career they hope to pursue in the years ahead. 

Whether or not a student knows exactly what profession they want to engage in or is still unsure, there are many great resources that will help them determine what they are interested in. Naviance, an online site that is used during the college application process, provides students with a test that assesses their interests and suggests careers that they may want to explore further in college. 

In this exciting time of the school year, a few Seniors at Xavier were eager to share information on their future career plans, and the motivation behind those plans. When asked about which field she is interested in, Jessica Mirmelli ‘20 stated, “I plan to major in exercise science, and I want to become a doctor of physical therapy.” Following this statement, she explained the reason she wants to become a physical therapist saying, “During high school, I have dealt with many sports-related injuries, as I have been part of varsity tennis, cross country, and mountain biking. I really want to be able to help other student athletes through times of injury so they can go on to play the sports they enjoy.” Deciding which career you want to spend the rest of your life doing can be greatly influenced by past experiences. 

While some students know exactly what career path they hope to take, others are still working to figure out the details. Mia Olsen ‘20 was also happy to share her current thoughts on her future career saying, “I am interested in doing something in the medical field after college, but I am not sure exactly what. I have been volunteering at HonorHealth hospital for the past couple of years, and I have been considering a career in something related to research.” Regardless of where you are in your journey towards selecting a career, there will be a variety of ways to further explore the different professional fields. 

Xavier Senior, Shea Nowicki ‘20, talked about her future career plans explaining, “I’m interested in studying Catholic theology and pursuing a career as a campus minister or a theology teacher at the high school or collegiate level.” When asked about what inspired her to pursue this career she stated, “I love that the study of theology offers an interdisciplinary view into the human person, and allows me to better love others. I’ve also had really great theology teachers (many of whom were women) that have made the subject interesting.” 

Another Xavier senior, Mia Parham ‘20, shared her future career goals, stating that she will be pursuing a career in journalism, and hopes to become a war correspondent. Mia explained why she has chosen this profession by stating, “This career interests me because I love writing and I would like to use my talents to help others. I feel that it is important to go to places others might not want to go because a person deserves to have their story told regardless of where they are located in the world.” 

The class of 2020 has a diverse set of interests and experiences that will guide them as they make decisions on which career to embrace. Whether a student knows exactly which career they want to have, feels partial towards a certain field, or has no idea at all, there is still plenty of time to learn more about the exciting options that await them after their time at Xavier.