Dear Frosh


Sattu and Zoelyn

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time we say goodbye to the graduating class of 2020. For the past four years, our seniors have learned about everything Xavier College Prep has to offer. The class of 2020 looks back at their four-year journey of gaining best friends and amazing memories that will last a lifetime. With kindness, many of the seniors were willing to pass on the valuable tips and tricks they have learned from their years at Xavier to the incoming freshman classes.

Sara Watson 20 states, “I would encourage incoming freshmen to talk to as many people as they can from the beginning of [the] school [year] because there are so many girls looking for friends as well. I would also encourage them to stay on top of their school work, keep a planner handy and attend as many school events as you can, whether it be the frosh mixer, football games, school musicals, and plays, dances, or whatever!”

Similarly, Alex Thompson ‘20 recommends “to make sure to enjoy everything you do and be present in the moment. Have fun and go to all the different activities, dances, and sporting events that you can.”

Many of Xavier seniors have discovered the helpful skill of time management and wanted to shed light on some tools that will help incoming freshmen. Mia Parham ‘20 proclaimed, “My advice to the incoming freshmen is to learn time management. I wish someone would have told me this beforehand but the sooner you learn how to properly manage your time, the easier the classes at Xavier will be.” Agreeing with Parham, Daphne Vera ‘20 states, “work hard, don’t procrastinate, smile, and listen to Sr. Lynn when she says ‘let’s be friendly’ it truly makes a difference.”
Although high school can be a bit stressful at times, these seniors have some advice for navigating through it all. Jessica Mirmeli ‘20 wants to remind the incoming freshman “to not stress about trying to fit in or finding best friends as quickly as possible. Just remember to always stay true to yourself, which will help you have fun, make you happier, and find good friends.” Olivia Para ‘20 follows Mirmeli’s reminder by stating “enjoy high school as much as you can. Focus on memories and having fun just as much as anything else and [do what makes you happy].”

Angelina Abdeen ‘20 bestows some beautiful advice and states, “you’re going to change so much over the next 4 years. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t end up being who you thought you would be, or if you end up wanting different things out of life. Change is inevitable.” Along with Abdeen, Kenzie Riddell ‘20 wants to convey, “appreciate the plaid skirt because it will be gone before you know it. Spend the next four years growing with friends, learning new things, and enjoying the experience that is Xavier. Welcome to the family and good luck!”

Friendship is one of the many things Xavier College Prep has to offer. At Xavier College Prep you will make friends that will be with you for a lifetime. Many seniors want to establish the fact that you should value these friendships. Alissa Calaya ‘20 says “try to find good friends early in the year and do anything to keep those friends all four years.” Similarly, Brenda Perea ‘20 states, “cherish every moment with your friends and not take school for granted.”
Along with cherishing friendships, treasure all the memories you have made at Xavier College Prep. Meghan Onofrei ‘20 tells freshmen, “to cherish everyday moments that you have at school. Whether it’s from break and lunch with your friends, to laughing with table mates in class, or practices/rehearsals in your extracurricular activities. All of these things make up the bulk of your high school experience. Just remember to make the most of them and keep a smile on your face!” Eliza Mulkern ‘20 says “ take lots of pictures, not just the ones for Instagram, but all the little moments because they are going to fly by. Don’t wish moments away, but live them to the fullest.”Caroline Hink ‘20 reminds frosh to “be nice to everyone! Obviously, you should try to do this all the time, but try to be friendly and welcoming to everyone you meet freshman year. Everyone is in the same boat and people feel like they have to make friends and find their group right away. Sometimes it takes a couple of months or even a year to meet the people that you get along with. So be nice to your classmates, because your new best friends could be sitting next to you in English or on your team in PE.” She adds, “it’s really important to find a club, activity, or sport that really interests you and you enjoy doing. Don’t be afraid to try new things, try out for a new sports team, or go to a club meeting. If you end up not liking something, realize it’s ok to move on and try something else instead. High school is so much more enjoyable when you spend time doing things that you love.”

Thank you to all the seniors who were willing to help with providing advice to incoming freshmen. As the seniors enter the next step in their lives, let us congratulate them for all they have accomplished and wish them well on their journey of life. Thank you for all the memories!