The Class of Covid19 Heads to College


Nina Rawal

Being a senior can be quite exciting. You are on your way to starting your life independently and focusing on pursuing your future career. Not to mention, there are a lot of perks that come with being a senior, especially at Xavier College Preparatory, such as Senior Treats, the annual fashion show, and much more. However, one side of graduating that is also significantly mentioned by seniors is the leap of faith one must take to get over the fear of leaving the safety of your home. The friends that are made in fellow classmates are the hardest to leave behind. Lilly Nolan ‘20 remarked, “It’s really exciting to get to meet all new people and to move to a completely new area of the country, but at the same time, it’s also sad to leave your best friends that you have made at Xavier!” 

Unfortunately, with this severe epidemic that is affecting our country, the seniors have had to give up three months of their senior year, which happened to include Senior Prom and Graduation. This epidemic has forced seniors to let go of a part of their senior year and grow up faster than expected. Unfortunately, this caused an increase in stress for our seniors. However, Xavier is currently making accommodations, and there will definitely be new activities that will help our seniors feel more comfortable and prepared to embark on the journey of college next year, such as extending school until May 22nd and a “Seniors Only” Prom on the Brophy campus. Luckily, many are still staying positive. For example, Somya Swarup ‘20 stated, “I’m extremely sad that the rest of our Senior Year is gone, but I know that Xavier will do everything they can to make sure we get a proper end of senior year.” While we will miss you all dearly, we are so excited to see you all embark on your paths of becoming successful and living your dreams! Good luck, Seniors!

The Class of Covid19