Senior Editorial: Annabelle Goettl

Senior Editorial: Annabelle Goettl

Annabelle Goettl

Before entering into high school, I thought I had my life planned out perfectly. Turns out, I was so wrong.

Stepping onto the Xavier Campus I knew almost nobody. To fix this, I jumped right into what I thought would be my forever passion and future occupation… Theater. I joined both Xavier and Brophy theater for the fall and spring shows, and for a while that was enough. I felt comfortable in my element, alongside the people I got along with best! But Xavier pushes you to try new things.. and I found a new aspect of my life.

Sophomore year I joined the XPRESS simply because my friend from theater was in it! I thought it would be an easy elective to start my morning. Although, as the days went on, I found my footing within that community, and absolutely fell in love. I never actually wrote for the paper… instead I made videos! The following year I became the school’s media editor and senior year I became Editor-In-Chief.

Xavier fosters a community of incredibly hardworking and driven girls. To me, that was intimidating. I saw myself as creative and lax. But, as the days went by, I realized I was becoming just like everyone else. I turned in all of my assignments, worked hard in all my classes, and strived for excellence. Xavier created that in me.

I couldn’t thank Xavier enough for the people it has introduced in my life and the lessons I have learned along the way. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade the dreadful all-nighters, dress-code, or terrible C-schedules for the world. I am so happy to call my self a Xavier Gator!