Faith through uncertainty


Ashley Rojas/XPress photo

Many Xavier students read The Bible at home while they watch Mass or as part of a routine.

Ashley Rojas, Staff Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of physical, emotional and mental unrest. For much of the Xavier community, faith has kept them sane.

Faith provides relief for many and gives them consistency during this troubling time. Many have also grown closer to God as they now have extra time to work on that relationship. 

“I play competitive soccer and as a result of Covid-19, my national events and season were canceled,” said sophomore Isabella Leonard. Not being able to play soccer, along with the cancellation of in-person class, affected Leonard’s emotional state.

Her faith in God and His plan kept her going and provided her support in these uncertain times. “God guides me every day to be my best self and to know that His plan is in the works,” said Leonard.

The inability to attend church has not deterred Leonard’s relationship with God. “I have been praying and reading scripture in my home,” said Leonard. Her steadfast faith demonstrates how times of chaos do not have to weaken your relationship with God.

For English teacher Elizabeth Verghese, the closing of church during the Lenten season was difficult. “I was able to watch a livestream of Mass on Easter Sunday with the Pope and that was really special,” said Verghese. Although it was not quite the same, the closure of her  church did not impede Verghese from practicing her faith during important Catholic holidays. 

“I have really enjoyed watching Mass at home because I am able to spend more time with my family, discussing the homily and the readings,” said sophomore Brynn Murphy. She feels the pandemic has helped her bond with her family through their faith. 

Leonard, Verghese and Murphy have said that they have been praying more. Through prayer, they have found peace and calm as it has served as an outlet for their anxieties regarding Covid-19.

“I think having my faith makes me feel less confused,” said Verghese. “Jesus is our savior, so everything is going to be okay.” This pandemic has caused confusion for many, but for some, their faith keeps them grounded and hopeful.

Their trust in God bolsters them throughout their personal and work/school life. “I think I would have serious stress and anxiety issues and would not be able to be productive in school life,” said Murphy when asked how her experience would differ without her faith.

“My faith is an outlet for me to turn to in times of need and it’s almost scary to think of life without that resource in my life,” said Leonard. Being in communion with God helps many divulge their worries and fears unto Him. Without God, many would be ridden with anxiety. 

“I gave up my worry to God and trusted Him to take care of His people and to help positive things result from this situation,” said Murphy.