COVID-19’s effect on senior care homes


Brookdale Chandler Regional Senior Center

The entrance to a senior care center, Brookdale Chandler Regional, is vital for many residents.

Nina Rawal, Club Writer

COVID-19 has affected us all in several ways. Whether it is not being able to go on that vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months, or not being able to spend much-deserved time with friends after a stressful school year, going into lockdown has brought out emotions of longing, sadness and boredom that would not have arisen during a typical school year. Many adults have also had to stop going to work in order to ensure the safety of families or to keep working in risky environments, like hospitals. 

One group that has been hit hard by the pandemic, and is often overlooked, is the seniors and the senior care centers. This age group is particularly susceptible to this virus. Group homes have had to spend substantial amounts of time carefully cleaning their centers and making sure there are no risk factors. Not only that, but they have had to pay sizable amounts of money to buy enough personal protective equipment for the employees and sometimes the residents, in addition to the things they typically buy. 

According to two managers from group homes in the valley, it is difficult to obtain essential equipment, “It is tough to acquire the protective equipment that we need, such as masks, and Clorox wipes and spray. Sometimes, I have to wake up very early in order to be the first person at the store. But, even then, there are times when I still can not get what I need, because the item is sold out.” 

Not only is it hard for them to procure these items, but they also have to make sure the seniors are happy and healthy as well. 

“We occasionally try to set up activities for the seniors that maintain social distancing, but it is hard. They have definitely gotten more sad and anxious, especially with not being able to see their families that often. They have been a little freer to do so, now that the cases have lessened a bit, but they still have to be super careful.” 

Senior homes have been hard at work, trying to keep seniors entertained and connected with their friends and family. 

During this time, it is crucial that we try to make it easier for our senior centers in every way possible. Even something as small as not buying an abundance of supplies at the store unless you really need it will help. Calling grandparents a little more often can easily lift their spirits. Every little thing we do will help senior care centers immensely, which will help all of us through these challenging times.