Xavier and Brophy hold their 2020 Theater Showcase


Jeffery Gilbert

Students in the Theatre Showcase give props to their music director, Josh Condon. Actors performed and then gave the crowd’s attention to the director, music director and choreographer as thanks for getting them back onto the stage.

This year Xavier and Brophy actors collaborated to have the 2020 XCP/BCP Theater Showcase on Thursday, October 22 and Sunday, October 24. 

Xavier actors  partook in this function and showed off their gifts by performing  scenes, singing and dancing. Students from all levels of performing arts classes participated. 

Since the actors in the theater department didn’t find the opportunity to put on their fall musical, they worked with director Jessica Vining, music director Josh Condon and choreographer Molly LaJoie in assembling a fantastic feature for the Xavier and Brophy communities. 

In spite of the struggles this year has brought, the theatre department has done its best to work together and bring its gifts back to the stage. Vining said, “Our main goal was to give Xavier and Brophy students a voice and share their love for theatre and performance with others. The arts are important, more now than ever, as it is a vehicle for people to express themselves, tell stories about the human spirit, and bring everyone closer.” 

They performed scenes from notable plays like A MidSummer Night’s Dream and sung melodies from musicals like Cinderella, Wicked, Bye Bye Birdie, and  Damn Yankees. The actors played out their demonstrations multiple times and each time they intrigued the audience with their talents and they carried joy to every one of the individuals who watched. 

Junior Kate Brink  said, “It was sad that we couldn’t put on our usual fall musical, but I’m super grateful to get back on stage.” 

Though this was a  different experience from what the actors usually do in the fall, they did a great job bringing the talent of Xavier and Brophy back to the stage for the whole community to enjoy.