Xavier introduces altered prayer days


Kali Riddell/XPress photo

As the school year takes a twist, all prayer days are brought closer to home- Xavier.

Ameera Rivas, Staff Writer

The year 2020 was a difficult year for many. Many have dealt with unforeseen challenges caused by the pandemic and it has taken a significant toll on people all across the world. 

At Xavier College Prep, prayer day is a day that many students look forward to. It is a day to give thanks for all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon students at Xavier but also a day where each grade level gets together and shares love to the Lord.

This year’s prayer days were changed due to Covid-19 restrictions but were happily altered in different ways. In years before, students from the same grade would gather and take a whole day to do activities and talk about faith, which would help growth in different ways, spiritually and academically.

Whether it was a freshman or senior, students anticipated this day because it was their first or last prayer day.

Karen Medina, current senior, said, “My senior prayer day during Covid-19 was very different compared to the other ones I have had. This year we had to write a letter to our frosh giving them some words of wisdom on how to go about virtual learning and giving them advice with their new relationships. Being able to write to a freshman giving advice with friendships, teachers and other students, made me really happy and proud to be there for someone. This year hasn’t been what anyone has expected but all we can do is make the best of it and I feel that the Xavier community has done just that in many different ways.” 

Marcela Medina, a freshman, said, “Due to Covid-19 this year I did not get to experience prayer day. We all received letters from seniors who talked to us about what to expect. Some seniors even left their emails or phone numbers so that we could contact them if we have any questions or concerns, which took a weight off my shoulders.”

Brianne Sanford, first year campus minister at Xavier said, “Our traditional grade level prayer days have had to be readjusted, like most things, in light of Covid times. We had the seniors write letters of encouragement, advice and wisdom to the Baby Gators. We visited the freshman theology classes and gave them their senior letters and discussed the transition to Xavier and prayed through what we are grateful for and what we need help with. For the sophomores we visited theology classes and talked about friendship and God’s friendship. We are hoping to be able to put together a mini-prayer day for the junior class soon. These prayer days are different from the big day off, but there is something special about the smaller class size and quality time to be able to re-focus on where Jesus is in the midst of trial and how He desires for us to know His love right now.”

Although prayer days were not the same as in previous years, many students experienced them in ways that were different but unique.