Xavier’s Publicity Club leads school


Adela Campo/XPressPhoto

This Pub Club poster was created for the annual Xavier Christmas Tree Lighting and was placed on a class tree. During Christmas, each of the virtues represents a class and includes the color of that grade.

Jenna Burch, Staff Writer

Xavier’s Publicity Club, otherwise known as PubClub, has been vital to the school. Run by Katherine Whitlow, PubClub paints the various signs and posters hung around Xavier’s campus.

The objective of PubClub is to decorate the school, celebrate holidays, support Xavier activities and teams and keep students informed about school events.

Whitlow encourages any students to join by saying, “Everybody is welcome! You don’t have to have an artistic bone in your body, just come and have fun.”

PubClub members meet every Tuesday during lunch in Lutfy Hall to paint together. They earn an hour of service for every meeting they attend, as they are doing a service to the school.

“The original founder of PubClub was Maria Murphy-Fontes, who was encouraged by her art teacher to start the club when she was a student at Xavier,” said Whitlow. Murphy-Fontes now works with Gator Gear since handing down the responsibility of PubClub to Whitlow.

Sister Lynn Winsor generously provides the funding for the supplies and paints specifically for making signs like we do,” said Whitlow. 

PubClub is currently preparing to make signs to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and is especially looking forward to making specially requested signs from various Xavier departments and clubs.

Sophomores Maria Wolowiecki and Brooke Lehr both heard about PubClub from a friend and joined at the beginning of this year.

“I like walking through Xavier and seeing a sign that I made,” said Wolowieck, and Lehr added, “Being part of the club helps me know all the stuff that’s going on and it counts for service hours, so why not?”