Students explore creativity in Pierian Spring club


Grace Nelson/XPress photo

Pierian Spring issues from past years display student art on front covers. Club members created and selected each piece of art and designed the front cover and inside of each issue.

Pierian Spring is a hands-on, art-focused club at Xavier. Members have the opportunity to explore creativity in an engaging and energetic environment. 

Dr. Clay Zuba is the new moderator of the club as of this year. He facilitates meetings and mediates among members. With the guidance and supervision of Zuba, Pierian Spring is led by student members.

Each Pierian Spring issue includes different forms of visual and literary art, all carefully created and selected by Xavier students and club members. The most popular forms of art found in the issues include drawings, paintings and poems.

On a typical Wednesday after school, club meetings may cover writing and art prompts, planning for upcoming events and issues, and engaging in other creative, art-based activities.

This year, Pierian Spring is holding contests open to the entire school. Students are encouraged to submit any form of visual or literary art to potentially be included in the upcoming 2021 issue. 

There are two contests to which students may submit their art. There is one contest for visual arts and another for poetry and other writings. Students of any age or experience are urged to submit original pieces to be featured in the issue. 

Students may enter their literary art by February 16 and their visual art by March 8. 

Additionally, there is a chance for students to submit their work for the end of the year publication, which has a deadline of March 19.

This contest is an excellent opportunity for students to express themselves artistically and share work with the Xavier community. 

Pierian Spring is an engaging, expressive and exciting club open to students of any experience level. Students should not feel apprehensive about joining late in the year, as the club welcomes and embraces new members at any time.

It is an especially exciting possibility for freshmen interested in the arts and looking for a place to start. Pierian Spring is a great opportunity for members to engage and create long-lasting friendships and bond over the arts. It is a “very social atmosphere,” says senior Alexandra Williams.

Williams has been a member since her freshman year, and has experienced many friendships and opportunities through the club. “I wish more people would give it a shot,” she expresses.

Junior Elena Titus shares, “I’ve met some of my closest friends through this club. It is such an awesome experience.”