Media awards season begins

This award season, despite the Covid-19 regulations, fans have still been able to have a relatively normal viewing experience from the safety and comfort of their homes. Two of the most popular award shows include the Oscars and the Grammys, which have always been favorites for fans. 

While both award shows are entertaining ways to celebrate artists, the favorite of the two among the Xavier community is the Grammys. In a survey sent to the Xavier student body, 65.6% of the 33 respondents indicated that they watched the Grammys this year, while 50% said they planned on watching the Oscars.

Xavier junior Alisha Waheed said she likes the Grammys because they “have the most performances which makes it the most interesting.”

The Grammys took place on Sunday, March 14 this year. There were many nominees and winners, some of the favorites being Harry Styles, Megan Thee Stallion, and Taylor Swift. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were both winners in the pop category, while Megan Thee Stallion was a winner in the rap category. 

The Oscars is scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 5. It is also a very popular award show, especially among film and television fans. 

The two favorite Oscar nominations for best picture among the Xavier community were “Promising Young Woman” and “The Trial of the Chicago 7.”

One of the most favorite nominees is actor Chadwick Boseman, who is an Oscar nominee this year, despite his death in 2020. Many fans feel his nomination is a way to celebrate his life and talent, even after his passing.

Viewers love many things about award season, from outfits to performances. Xavier sophomore Grace Montoya said she loves, “Watching how much people support each other.”

Xavier freshman Kaelyn Putz said she loves, “The Oscars because my dream is to work in the film industry and it is amazing to see these actors and filmmakers coming together to celebrate all of the hard work they have all put into their work.”

Despite all the love for the awards shows, many viewers criticize the lack of diversity in the industry and awards. One Xavier student says she feels the shows “still struggle with incorporating full diversity in nomination categories.”

While there has definitely been an increase in diversity, there is also still a significant gap in race and gender. For example, 89% of the Oscar nominations in the past decade have gone to white people, and 71% have gone to men. 

Additionally, there was even a period of time from 1975-1981 when not a single person of color was nominated for an Oscar. There is obviously room for growth when it comes to diversity.

There has been improvement on inclusion in diversity. For instance, this year two women were nominated for best director, Chloe Zhao and Emerald Fennell. These are two of only seven women that have ever been nominated for best director. 

Award season is a time for artists and fans to come together over their mutual love for their art. While there are improvements that can be made, we can appreciate the progress achieved and always strive to increase diversity and inclusivity, especially in the performance and awards industry.