Mock Trial and Emma McCarthy move Xavier forward


Duke Photography

Ms. Dani Richter comes together with some of the Mock Trial students on picture day. This is a time for the Mock Trial program as a whole to come and be together for a practice.

Mock Trial to some might seem like the same thing as Speech and Debate, but it is different. Mock Trial helps one to gain knowledge about courtroom behavior, etiquette and legal reasoning; whereas Speech and Debate heightens  skills in research, critical thinking, public speaking and persuasion. Mock Trial prepares students to be able to see the facts of the case and learn how to prepare like real lawyers would. It also helps one to learn how to enter exhibits and how to enter a witness as an expert in a court of law. 

In Mock Trial one competes as if an attorney. One learns  objections such as  hearsay, lack of foundation, more prejudicial than probative and ultimate issue. It also entails  a closing and opening statement for each side of the case prepared. For these statements a team comes up with a theme it carries throughout the case. This teaches the competitors how real attorneys set up cases and what types of themes are used in court every day. 

Xavier has been to and won state numerous times in Mock Trial, and the  program has helped many students pursue careers in law. It has always had a strong program that has helped teams over the years accomplish great things. 

Every year at the Mock Trial tournaments students are  nominated by judges for being outstanding and great participants either as  lawyers or as witnesses. Xavier’s senior Emma McCarthy has been nominated for two years in a row. She started Mock Trial as a junior at Xavier on Team North. This year she competed on Team East. 

Last year McCarthy was recognized for her excellent performance by judges and even multiple times by other teams. This year in the tournament she was again recognized for her amazing work. 

Moderator of Xavier Mock Trial, Dani Richter said, “Emma is a dedicated and gifted player. The fact that with only two years of Mock Trial experience she is playing at a level to be named to the All-Region team shows how talented and hard-working she is. On top of that, she is a dedicated team player, who goes out of her way to contribute to her team and does it all with a great sense of humor and positivity.”