Changes in studio arts and dance


Mary Anne Herding

Xavier students in Intermediate Dance stretch before they dance. Students worked together to learn a dance that they will perform at the end of the year.

MaggieMae Dethlefsen, Club Writer

Art classes are ways for students to express  creativity during the school day, and they allow students to be exposed to numerous perspectives and experiences. This helps students to find engaging ways to discover more about themselves and the world around them. Despite the challenges of this year, Xavier has continued to offer fine arts classes even if they had to be modified. One student, Isabella Luebkin, said,Though we have had to change aspects of the class and how we do things, it is still great just to have time to paint and be creative. I am super happy that the teachers are still allowing us to have this time because it is so important to me.” 

For studio art classes, teachers have to demonstrate different procedures not only to the students on campus, but also to those online. Mrs. Alison Dunn, one of the Studio Art teachers, says that she  records herself and sends videos of the class so that girls with absences or internet issues do not miss out on any information . 

In previous years, teachers were able to do one demo for everyone who was in class and address absences during eighth hour. In photography classes taught by Mrs. Julianne Averbuck, students still get to have the full class and even get to go out and take pictures needed for various creative projects. Though it can still be challenging to capture pictures in some places, it is one class that has been able to continue in the normal sense this year. 

In classes such as Ceramics, students who are online have had to come to campus to pick up clay and other supplies they need for projects done at home. 

Dance classes have been able to continue, but they have had to adjust. Students online are able to adapt by dancing in living rooms, backyards and in other environments. Mrs. Mary Anne Herding says, “Dancers are all about flexibility of mind, body and spirit.” 

Dance teachers, Herding and Ms. Kelly Scovel, discovered new ways for dance students to keep up their passions by adapting choreography, making it so the dancers are at least six feet apart and not touching each other.   Students have found that despite the limitations, new and exciting opportunities have been created.

Despite the many changes and adjustments made to the arts, many Xavier Gators have expressed  gratitude for the continuation of the arts programs and how these arts have helped them through this crazy year.