Seniors share their favorite Xavier funny moments


Sister Lynn Winsor

Seniors walk into the Activity Center wearing their paper graduation caps for the Senior Day rally.

In the beginning of this school year when all classes were online, I was in the Google Meet for my Theology class. Our teacher was lecturing on the unit and would occasionally throw questions out for anyone in the meet who could answer (as a way to keep the class more engaged). One girl answers beautifully. She really knew what she was talking about, but right before she muted herself, we could hear what sounded like a toilet flushing next to the mic. Instead of acknowledging her answer to the question, our Theology teacher says, “Well there goes [student’s name] being flushed down the toilet. It was nice knowing her,” in the most earnest and solemn tone of voice before carrying on with the rest of the lecture. As online classes are, nobody responded, which I found made it even funnier. I laughed for 10 minutes straight–the kind that makes your sides hurt. The same girl even spoke up later in the class period to respond to a different unit-related question. When she finishes speaking, our teacher responds, “Well I see you’ve survived the toilet flushing accident,” instead of recognizing her answer to the question, once again.

During freshman year, my friends and I took the bus to and from school every day. One day after school, we went to one of Brophy’s baseball games and we all decided to take the late bus home, which left Brophy at 5:30. As we walked out of the stands, we saw what we thought was our bus leaving the parking lot. Without us. After many tears of laughter and sore legs from running after the bus, we discovered that our bus was waiting for us just on the other side of the parking lot. Good times. Love you Nat and Lauryn! 

My favorite funny moment at Xavier was Senior Day. We were having the best day being all together again and we were headed into the gym for the rally. It was going well with lots of energy! The votes were in and the winner is… “the juniors”. The whole gym went silent. The seniors were ins shock because it was the last rally, the juniors weren’t even in the gym, and we have never won a rally in four years. Looking back on this memory I just laugh.

My friends and I would bring boxes of Pirate’s Booty to school and store them above our lockers for lunch. One day during lunch, a group of underclassmen walked next to us, looked straight at us, grabbed the box, and took our food without even asking. We were in too much shock of seeing them do it right in front of us that we didn’t have time to say anything. Now we know why our food stock depleted so fast.

Sister Lynn’s “How to meet a Brophy Boy” speech was the highlight of my first semester of high school. She used Mr. Vansickle as her assistant and I can still remember her very comedic delivery to a very serious topic. While laughing my plaid behind off, I 100% thought Brophy guys would not be what Sister Lynn described but, ultimately, she was right.

My favorite funny moment has got to be Sister Lynn telling me that “No, we’re not hillbillies!” in response to me asking if we can wear off-the-shoulder shirts at the frosh mixer during her talk about meeting Brophy boys in our PE class. That, or just all the poster proposals that happen around homecoming, those were always so funny.

When I was having a sophomore Great Books socratic discussion, Dr. Zuba was observing us. Right in the middle of our discussion, we all hear a loud chomp and had no idea what it was. We all looked around with confusion to discover that it was Dr. Zuba snacking on his celery.

My favorite memories from Xavier were night before rally student council sleepovers my junior year. Shoutout especially to Katie Harris, Emmie Paulson, Sophia Alameddin, and Talia Novack for the endless dedication put into our student council. 

At 3 AM, while on K5, all the leaders were together in one of the rooms and I don’t even remember what we were laughing about. All I know is that we laughed so hard, our sides were hurting and I will always love those girls so much!

My funniest moment at school this year was probably when a bunch of the seniors went to the grass to play duck duck goose and red rover. It didn’t last long, but for the time we were playing, it was so funny.

The tour de Xavier where we all got to bike as a class was so fun because we got to all be with our friends and ride down Central and we were all together and we were all laughing and having a great time!

That time I played a boy in Xavier’s production of Seussical the Musical and I really got to explore my “manly side” which is kinda hard to do at an all girls school.

My favorite funny moment was during the Tour de Xavier where my friends and I started singing the lyrics to “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield while we were biking.

Physics class with Mrs. Andersen always made me laugh, especially when she was doing in class examples like making her hair go crazy or jumping on skateboards. 

Dr. Zuba going through his classroom rules and syllabus at the beginning of the year (communal water bottle and hair ties) 

Seeing class of 2022 beat the 2020 seniors at the rally last year, but them winning at our last and only senior rally this year! lol!

My favorite funny moment during my time at Xavier was probably tripping and falling on the Fitz stairs and trying to play it off lol.

When I laughed so hard backstage that I peed my pants right before going on stage during an intermediate dance show sophomore year.

My favorite moment(s) was always showing up to Mrs. Galbreath’s room and seeing the captain America and Leonardo standees.

Mr. Iacovo spending the entire math class giving us lessons on how to prosper through life and not talking about math

There’s so many funny memories here, it’s almost impossible to pick one which shines brighter than the rest!

When we lost our very last chance at winning our very first rally. Gotta love the losing streak 🙂

Losing every consecutive rally from the first day we stepped foot on campus to the day we left.

Every rally with the teachers dancing especially Dr. Zuba stealing the show with his moves

Watching Dr. Zuba perform in the teacher’s dance at almost every school rally.

The funny moments have been lunch period with all my friends and gatortown

Second semester sophomore year in Mr. Pfaff’s computer programming class

Every moment in period 5 spanish with Señor Maresca was hilarious 🙂

During freshman year theater one of my friends peed her pants.

French period 3 freshman year and all of Madame’s quotes

Dr. Zuba leading the faculty in baby shark at a rally

Having a screaming competition with my teammates.

the uncontrollable laugh sessions during lunch

Ally Wissink’s freshman student council speech

Father Kevin’s “Talk About It Thursdays”

gator floaties during rainy days …

teacher dances at the rally

Never winning a rally

Faculty rally dances

the walk to latin

Dr. Zuba’s class