Brophy and Xavier celebrate first football win of the year


Evelynn Papez

During the first moments of the game, students get ready for the initial kickoff. This kickoff started the first victorious football game of the season against St. Mary’s Catholic High School.

Nina Rawal, XPress Writer

After more than a year, football games are finally back in all of their glory. The vibrant sea of red across the football field, the Brophy flags being waved around and the smell of fresh popcorn at the games are things every Xavier and Brophy student has missed, and everyone is ecstatic to have them back. 

During the pandemic, football games still occurred. However, not everyone was allowed into games. Only those who had won tickets or those who were family members were allowed to go, and they had to maintain social distancing. 

Junior Bella Leonard, who had gone to one of these games, stated, “It was definitely a weird experience as there were not as many people, and the games did not have the fun atmosphere they usually have.” They watched the game from lawn chairs in the parking lot, instead of sitting in the bleachers, which helped to maintain social distancing.

Although students became used to the small crowds as their new normal, now that everyone is back in person, the football games are open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun. 

On September 3, the first varsity football game took place at Central High School’s field. From the initial arrival on the field, all anyone could feel was the excitement radiating off students in preparation for the first football game of the year. The stands were full of Brophy and Xavier students dressed in all red for the red-out theme of the night. 

The Spiritline cheerleaders hyped up the crowd and performed the magnificent routines they had spent months preparing. 

For some of these cheerleaders, it was their first year on Spiritline, making this their first game as a cheerleader. Tatum Zerbib, a junior on the Pom team, said, “This football game was my first game as a cheerleader on Spiritline, and the first game that I attended in general. It was so cool seeing everyone cheer for the football team from where we were standing. The energy that Xavier and Brophy students have at the games is unmatched.” 

Going to the games is a vital part of one’s high school experience. Being able to chat with one another, enjoy some popcorn and smoothies and cheer on the team is an unforgettable experience. 

On that night, Brophy won 49-0 against St. Mary’s Catholic High School. The crowd saw many interceptions, deep passes and crazy side-step moves from players throughout the game. The coach and players’ hard work on the field and off the field paid off with a first win. 

The night did not just end there. After the football game, students walked together back to Brophy for a Back-to-School Event. At this exclusive event for Brophy and Xavier students, everyone could chat amongst themselves, make new friends and, overall, have a fantastic time. 

Sophomore Tess Morrison went to the dance and commented, “I loved it! It was my first year getting to experience the back-to-school dance, and I made many new friends from Xavier and Brophy while also getting to spend time with my already-existing ones. I can’t wait to go again these next two years!” 

There was fun throwback music playing, a dance floor and root beer floats. For most, the dance was a blast, continuing the fun tradition after a year of pause.