Xavier and Brophy students interact on and off campus


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The set for the Xavier/Brophy fall musical, “Grease,” is undergoing the construction process. Rehearsals began at the end of August and cast members, crew members and directors are excited to share the production with the Xavier/Brophy community starting on October 20.

While Xavier is an all-girls school, it is still important for interactions and socializing to occur among Xavier and Brophy students to foster an interactive and friendly environment. 

This socializing can occur on campus, at dances, at sporting events or in clubs and activities. It can help prepare students for social interactions after graduation, whether that be in college, in careers or in other aspects of life. 

One of the primary ways in which Brophy and Xavier students are involved is through attending sporting events, from football and lacrosse games to swim and dive meets. Many students from both Xavier and Brophy fill the bleachers at football games to support the Brophy team.

With the current lacrosse season, players and students from either school often attend both Xavier and Brophy lacrosse games to see fellow players and to support each other. Sophomore Brophy student and lacrosse player Laird Miller says, “It’s great to see the stands at our games full of spectators from Xavier and Brophy to support us.”

Junior Xavier student, Keilani Hong, who plays for the Xavier lacrosse team, says, “I look forward to going to Brophy lacrosse games and being able to watch the game from a different perspective.” 

Hong expresses her love for the sport, from both perspectives of “watching and actually playing.” 

Being able to experience the game in different contexts can be an exciting experience for those who play lacrosse, as well as those who are just there to observe. Miller and Hong both relate how it is exciting to attend the other school’s games to support the XCP/BCP teams. 

By supporting and interacting with each other, students from both Xavier and Brophy gain more perspective regarding sports, activities and student life. 

Another way in which Xavier and Brophy students interact is through school dances and events, most often hosted at Brophy. While this was minimal during the 2020-2021 school year due to the pandemic, administrators and students at both schools are making an effort to bring back co-ed dances and events this school year.

Coming up on October 16, 2021, Brophy will be hosting the first Xavier/Brophy homecoming dance since 2019. The dance will be preceded by a Brophy football game, which is open to Xavier and Brophy students. Earlier this year, Brophy also hosted a pregame and postgame event. 

Xavier and Brophy students can also come together over shared interests and passions. For instance, in this year’s musical production, “Grease,”Xavier and Brophy cast and crew members are able to work together to put on a show. 

Sophomore cast member Emma DelGhiaccio says she loves being able to work with such talented people from both Xavier and Brophy.

Whether it’s through clubs and activities, sports games or school dances, Xavier and Brophy need to keep providing students the opportunities to interact with each other and bond over common interests and experiences, in the face of this pandemic.