Stuco elections are coming soon

Kendall Luther, Staff writer


Ask not what Xavier can do for you, ask what you can do for Xavier.

With the second semester flying by, student council elections are around the corner. Running for a student council office is a great way to get involved in the Xavier community and develop important leadership skills. 

“Stuco really seeks to do good for the school,” said Xavier’s assistant campus ministry and senior government moderator Brianne Sanford. “The school and the students’ best interests are always in mind.” 

Through Stuco, students who become officers have the opportunity to interact and impact Xavier, leaving a lasting mark on the school and the community.

Carol Ann Michaelson, freshman class and student government moderator, explained that Stuco builds “spirit and community” by “carrying on traditions and adding to them,” creating memories for the students for years to come.

Stuco not only helps the Xavier community thrive but also provides many unique opportunities for its officers. Executive Board Secretary Kate Fleury ‘22  said, “Participating in Stuco has allowed me to be a part of all the fun events where I feel like I’m truly helping make the Xavier community a better environment. It has also allowed me to come out of my shell more, and I’ve become great friends with the other girls on student council.” 

From an outsider’s perspective, it may appear that Stuco leadership is purely fun with rally dances and lip-sync battles, but it also requires a lot of time and hard work to make these events a reality. “Sometimes Stuco can get stressful with keeping up with the meetings and things that need to be done, but I like that it is a big group and the work is spread out evenly,” said Margaux Cenac ‘25, freshman Stuco’s vice president. 

The election process may seem overwhelming with several steps and lots of paperwork, but the process can be worthwhile in the end. “Even if you aren’t elected, the process alone, of putting yourself out there, following the steps, and getting the courage to get out there in front of your peers to make a speech, is a good experience for students, ” said Michaelson. 

Many of the current Stuco officers have emerged victorious from the election process on several occasions, like Mia Feix, junior Stuco’s Wax Club officer. Having been elected for three consecutive years, she is a testament of reaping the rewards of the elections. “I would say it is the perfect balance of stressful and rewarding,” said Feix. 

It is never too late to dive into Stuco. Senior Wax Club Officer Grace Teevan, whose first election was as a rising senior, said, “If I could give one word of advice to students running for student council this year, it would be that running is one of the best decisions you can make. I was so reluctant to run for three years, but doing so has been such a worthwhile decision.” Stuco elections are a great way to find leadership, whether it is a student’s first year or fourth year running for a position. 

Jennifer Tesdall, director of special events and Executive Board moderator, said, “If you have any interest at all in running, come to the [future] informational workshop, even if you’re on the fence.”

The Executive Board election will take place on March 10 with online voting during Homeroom, followed by the Class Officer Election on March 28 with online voting during Period 1.