Q&A: Campbell Linaman

Q: What has been an experience at Xavier that surprised you? (maybe a course you found more interesting than expected or an activity you tried)

A: The experience at Xavier that has surprised me the most has been, funnily, journalism. I went into this class not expecting to like it, but I have continued to take it for three years since I have enjoyed it so much. Unexpectedly, this class has definitely been one of my favorite parts of my Xavier experience.

Q: What do you think has positively shaped your experience at Xavier?

A: The people I have met at Xavier are what have given me a positive experience. The girls I have met here are incredible friends and support, and they make coming to school every day fun. Also, I have had many supportive, uplifting teachers who have created a positive environment when school could have easily been too competitive or draining.

Q: What is something you’ve learned at Xavier that you want to take with you in college? (a habit, a mentality, a skill, etc.)

A: Xavier has taught me to be proactive. Here, to be successful, you really have to take your success into your own hands and decide for yourself what you need to do to achieve your goals. There isn’t one straight path, so learning to make decisions and seek out help when I need it are skills I will take with me to college.