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Showcase of Opportunity: Nurturing student talent at Art Feast

Asiana Guang, Managing Editor and Best of SNO award-winning writer
MJ Martinez
The various art pieces hung at Stark Gallery were all created by the Studio Art students. The artwork will stay in the gallery for people to view until May.

On April 11, Xavier held its annual art showcase called Art Feast, an event where friends, family and art supporters gather to behold the art created by students.  

Artist and teacher Alison Dunn explains that this event’s purpose is “to showcase the artwork of Xavier students and to bring together Gator musicians and dancers and craft-makers in a celebration of the creative community.”

Prior to Art Feast, Xavier held annual art shows at Stark Gallery; however, this was only to showcase physical art such as paintings, drawings and sculptures.

The first-ever Art Feast took place in 2010. Dunn coined the name “Art Feast” because she along with the other arts teachers thought it would be a good idea to create an art event that not only exhibited gallery art but also included dance, music and theater, as well as give students an opportunity to sell their crafts.

“This is a terrific opportunity for students to determine what their finest effort looks like. Also, some students express themselves best through art, so it is a chance for them to be recognized and seen,” Dunn said.

To be displayed at the Stark Gallery for Art Feast works are selected by teachers. Dunn chose works that show the hand of the artist- not just work that shows great skill, but also personality. 

Students took a semester-long class if not longer to create their pieces, where they cultivated their themes. 

Artist Stasia Angulo ‘24 has been working on her art portfolio with the theme “Disassociation” since October. Angulo has 10 pieces displayed at Stark Gallery. These works took days to complete and perfect. Her centerpiece “Side Effects,” in particular, took her about four days and she would stay awake until early in the mornings to complete.

Personal struggles inspired Angulo’s theme of “Dissociation.” She describes her struggle with her eating disorder and her experience with numbness as a result.

“Not everything is as it seems. Some people are living with things they can’t really talk about. I want people to see that there is a lot more to my story than what has been said. I want people to see that therapy can be anything for you, and for me it was my artwork,” Angulo shared. 

Jewelry making began as a hobby for Hannah Vu ‘27 who was one of the vendors at the event. She was selling her “angelic” themed jewelry and is hoping to someday make a business out of it. 

“I just make things that make me happy rather than something that I think would seem like a popular choice. They’re more of statement pieces, the necklaces I make,” expressed Vu.

This event was one of Vu’s first times selling her jewelry. She saw Art Feast as not just a way to sell her jewelry but an opportunity to expand her clientele. 

 “A couple of people bought my stuff and one of them was a friend. She hung it on her backpack. Just looking at it and knowing that I made it makes me feel happy,” Vu said.

Vu has an Instagram account where she posts pictures of her jewelry and takes Direct Messages (DMs) from anyone interested in purchasing.

It is clear that Art Feast is more than just a showcase of talent. It is a celebration of the vibrant and diverse perspectives that young artists bring to the community. With each brushstroke and sculpted detail, these students have not only displayed their technical skills but have also shared their unique perspectives.

“The most rewarding part of participating in Art Feast was everyone admiring the artwork that so many have created. It was wonderful seeing everyone come to Art Feast and being in awe that people can create such beautiful things,” said Angulo.

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