Xavier remembers Ms. Donnelly

Students and teachers reflect on the impact Ms. Donnelly made on their lives.


courtesy of @XCPGators1

Ms. Donnelly, surrounded by coworkers and friends

Elie Carlos, Writer

The whole Xavier community misses Ms. Jeanne Donnelly, the former Director of IT Services, and her kindness. This December, she passed away from heart failure at age 55. From solving technology problems to supporting Xavier students at games and shows, Donnelly was always there.

Mrs. Catherine Wyman and she were good friends ever since Donnelly applied to work at Xavier. “Because of our needs at that time, we needed to hire someone else, but Jeanne and I developed and maintained a friendship via email and communicated almost daily for months,” said Wyman. Later, Donnelly got her job at Xavier and was friendly to everyone she met.

For the nearly six years she worked for Xavier, Donnelly was always a kindhearted person. Mr. Bruce Wyman thought of times that she was present to fix problems around campus. “For example, if my printer didn’t work, she would promptly pop into my room, along with her great positive attitude, and take care of it. It always seemed as if my technical issues were her top priority, although she was really juggling a billion other situations at the same time,” said Wyman. Additionally, one sophomore student also recalls Ms. Donnelly’s concern for others. “I would stay after school and the teachers would leave but she would volunteer to stay (in the computer lab) and check on the computers.”

Lastly, both Wymans remembered how much Donnelly loved her dogs, including the puppy she was given from a parent at one of Xavier’s auctions. “She loved Nora from the minute she saw her, and she was so grateful that he bought Nora for her! It filled all of us with happiness, actually.  It was one of those moments that restores your faith in the world.  Like God reaching down and saying “Don’t forget. I got you,” said Mrs. Wyman.

Donnelly is a kind soul who will always be in Xavier’s heart. Even if you never met her personally, chances are she helped make your experience at Xavier even a little bit better because of how important she was to our community. In her memory, Mr. and Mrs. Wyman are raising money for a bench where people can remember Donnelly.