Clubs that promote “Women of faith pursuing excellence”

Students from Xaviers Right to Life Club at a 2016 pro-life rally.

Tara Patterson

Students from Xavier’s Right to Life Club at a 2016 pro-life rally.

With over 80 clubs and activities at Xavier, one is destined to find at least a few that interest them. Focused around Xavier’s mission statement of, “Women of faith pursuing excellence,” there are many clubs that allow students to express their faith and serve the community. A few of these clubs are highlighted below.

  1. Key Club. Founded over 90 years ago, Key Club is a international service program that strives to “Provide service, build character and develop leadership,” according to their official website. .Xavier has one of the largest clubs in the state with hundreds of members and thousands of hours of service annually. Key Club hosts service events throughout the year, which members are encouraged to participate in. Some of these events include the Hope-a-thon, Xavier and Brophy’s walk for cancer awareness, Kid’s Day at the Fair, Andre House events, Hike for the Homeless and more! Vice President of Key Club, Junior Katherine Hann, says that she likes this service club because it gives her a way to “Participate in the Xavier community while also helping the greater community of Phoenix.”
  2. Right to Life Club. This pro-life club is all about advocating for the lives of all. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.” Aside from students learning this in their theology classroom, members of the club explore this message deeper and come to a fuller understanding of why this issue in society is important. Moderator Mrs. Gina Iker, also coordinator for the Junior Christian Service Project, incorporates different ways of coming to this conclusion. As Xavier aims to educate the full person, members do not just acquire facts from this club, but also have the opportunity to put their faith into action. There are various rallies and events which the club participates in to publicize their support for life.
  3. St. Francis Xavier Tutoring Club. This weekly after-school event allows Xavier students to tutor and mentor kids at Xavier’s neighboring elementary school, St. Francis. Led by Mrs. Donaldson, SFX tutoring club has grown tremendously over the years. Gators love to devote their time serving the community, especially when they know that their hard work is helping to improve the lives of others. The precious St. Francis students, with their sticky hands and untied shoes, are excited each week to see their big buddy. Sophomore Hannah Shulski says she likes this club. “Because as Xavier tutors, you get to form a strong positive relationship with the kid you tutor and it prepares you for a job in the teaching field.”
  4. Xavier Young Vincentians. XYV club is another service organization that gives members the opportunity to take field trips outside of school. The participants in this club are dedicated to service. Volunteering at places such as St. Vincent de Paul and Maggie’s place, the Vincentians experience a variety of social and economic situations. This allows them to have a more positive outlook on their own lives. Junior Raeana Leyva says that this club has opened up her mind and heart to service through meeting other members of the club. “My favorite part is going to St. Vincent de Paul to help out in the dream center, where all the kids hang out,” she said. XYV club is an example of how taking a few hours to serve the community can be very beneficial to others.