Fitness on social media

Fitness gurus are gaining popularity on social media for their inspiring workout routines and healthy cooking recipes.

Katie Shyman and Skylar Smith, Writer and Sports & Fitness Editor

It’s safe to say that almost all young adults in this generation are on social media. Many follow “fitness gurus,” who are known for their workout and healthy eating inspiration.

One of the most popular “fitness gurus” isn’t a person, but the well-known athletic brand Lululemon (@lululemon). Lululemon posts daily tweets and Instagrams inspiring people of all ages to work out and break a sweat. All of their social media posts have a very natural and pleasing aesthetic, which helps catch attention and excite people about working out. On Instagram alone, they have 1.6 million followers, and on Twitter, they have over 865,000 followers.

Another favorite fitness guru that is very present on Instagram is Cassey Ho (@blogilates). Cassey often posts videos of her doing unique, but doable, exercises that can be done almost anywhere at any time. In addition, she posts recipes for healthy cooking that are quick and easy to replicate. Many are motivated to see how simple these exercises are and the healthy outcome that regularly working out has on the body.

Finally, Instagram’s relatively new “Explore” page has fitness videos that are picked for you daily. Many celebrities often post videos and photos of them working out using the latest fitness trends, including spinning at Soulcycle, kickboxing at trendy studios and doing yoga in exotic places.

Fitness on social media inspires many to get outside and spend a few minutes every day working out and making good habits.