3-D printing is the bomb, according to Mr. Ward.


Madison Kloeber

3D printer in action

Bailey Bland, Writer

Xavier’s 3D printing course is a hidden gem that more students should be excited about, especially those who are interested in engineering. The class provides a unique learning experience unmatched by other electives.

Mr. Ward states that 3D printing is a, “perfect substitution for engineering.” Mr. Ward, the teacher of the class, said, in regards to what he hopes students will achieve by taking the class, “I hope that they will get a stronger sense of their use of creative and critical thinking.” He also says, “I created [the] curriculum. I wanted to create a class that incorporated the principles of engineering.”

“I know there are many girls at Xavier who want to be engineers. I hope they come to this class to get exposure to real world opportunities,” says Mr. Ward.

Only juniors and seniors can take this class. Students seem to greatly enjoy the class and the fun ‘hands on’ learning experience. It is easy to apply critical thinking and creativity to projects assigned because generally a student would get about a month on a project that will be printed. There is plenty of time for a student to express themselves.