Mother Teresa: an inside story

Elie Carlos, Writer

For two weeks, the Xavier community watched a film called Mother Teresa for ten minutes everyday at the end of lunch, inspiring students and teachers alike. On Monday, Nov. 7th, students all packed into the Performing Arts Center to meet one of the producers responsible for making this film, Jeanette Petrie, a Xavier alum. As she took questions from students, she shared some funny and inspiring stories from the time that she spent with St. Teresa of Calcutta. Senior Emily Woodrow said that she found these stories fascinating. “Her stories that illustrated Mother Teresa’s grace also followed with an important life lesson Mother taught Ms. Petrie and which she shared with us. My favorite was Mother’s words to ‘never sin because of someone else’s sins,’” Woodrow said.

Ms. Petrie ended the assembly with a video about her latest project: a collection of all of the unused footage of St. Teresa. Now, they will be available to everyone in different formats, including digital. The video mentioned that the fact that we now have hours of footage of an actual saint is very unique and important. Now, the story’s charity and mercy that we as a school were able to watch will be accessible to the whole world.