Catholic Schools Week: Xavier style

Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of all Catholic schools across the nation. This event has been celebrated since 1974. The theme for 2017 is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.” Xavier is known for having the most fun and wackiest Catholic Schools week throughout the Valley. Some of the activities that have been held in years past are: Penny Wars, Tacky Tourist Day and the lunchtime DJ. Some new features that have been added are Throwback Thursday and Patriotic Day. These activities are great ways for girls to bond with one another and compete against other classes.

As I went around the campus asking students what their favorite parts of Catholic Schools Week, the responses were all positive!

Sophomore May Sullivan said, “I like dressing up throughout the week, it’s a nice break from the uniform, and the DJ.”

Sophomore Megan Seliger said, “The music during lunch is lots of fun.”

Senior Care Anton commented, “Having this been my fourth and final year of celebrating Catholic Schools Week at Xavier I felt have really bonded with my classmates during this week.”

Junior Anastacia Whitaker said, “The community is very diverse because each Catholic school celebrates in its own way.”

Sophomore Kolbe Pierce said, “The free dress was fun to be able to take a break from my skirt.”

Xavier has made Catholic Schools Week an exciting event for all students to participate all four years with their friends. Having a week where students can express themselves in a silly way is a great way to start off the new semester. Congratulations to the sophomores for winning the Penny Wars!