Behind the scenes of “The Little Mermaid”

Holly Ngo, Class Writer

Would you like to be in the production of “The Little Mermaid” without being an actor? Take part behind the scenes. Mrs. Robillard, Xavier’s theatre director, is working to put on another fantastic production by making a Disney favorite into a school musical.

On Aug. 16, the Fall Musical Crew met up to discuss the upcoming production of “The Little Mermaid.” From “Grease” to “Mary Poppins,” Xavier and Brophy students never fail to disappoint the audience.

Different ways to make contributions to the show include hair and makeup, stage crew, lights and sound. These positions create a variety of opportunities that are open to students. At the moment, Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30 are designated for students to build the set and organize props with Mr. Lytle and Mr. Nelson.

Students were able to choose their interests via an email form. As the show approaches, the Xavier and Brophy theatre are still looking for crew members to help make the show successful. Sign up before it’s too late.  

Students who are interested need to attend the workshop days to learn about lights, sounds, hair and makeup and stage management, as applicable. Depending on the job, students learn to work together and learn that everyone in the theatre is family. The volunteers will gain skills on how a musical is run and hopefully be proud with the final result.

Seniors who have participated in theatre in the past have called the workshops “an experience they can never forget.” Those who took part in the musical “In the Heights” last year remembered it to be a “once in a lifetime opportunity for all.”

Mr. Nelson, an experienced theatre teacher, recalls when characters in “Mary Poppins” went flying off the stage. Talia Khan, the graduated actress who played Mary Poppins, was sent “flying” across the stage, just one of the many exciting moments that took place in Xavier’s PAC.

So, will Xavier and Brophy theatre have a sold-out show with “The Little Mermaid?” Get your tickets early to be part of the magic.

If you have any questions or interests in theatre please communicate with the people below.

Mr. Nelson –  Lights

Mr. Lytle  – Scenic

Mr. Lambert –  Sound

Mrs. Robillard – Makeup and Hair

Mrs. Corderman – Props and Show Crew

Mrs. Nugaran – Costumes