Hydrate! Motivate! Feel Great!

Mary Long, Campus News Editor

This generation has spearheaded a push on hydration. Companies such as Hydro Flask, S’Well, Yeti and Nalgene have created a fun and personalized culture around staying hydrated. A variation of color, size and shape has made water bottles a daily accessory to the everyday millennial.

Over the past few weeks, Xavier has installed water bottle stations all over campus. In addition to the popular water and ice machine in the Athletic Training room. The new stations will increase the amount of water consumed on campus, do to accessibility. Senior Molly Kuhl, says “I like keeping hydrated and healthy, I’m just obsessed with water, I love drinking water!”

The personality that comes with owning a reusable water bottle says a lot about a person. The size shows how much water they typically consume in a day. Stickers show of personal interest, character and sense of humor. Some students even show off their future college home with stickers and personalized bottles. Junior Emmegale East uses a Yeti, for its durability, and because, “they make me feel super outdoorsy!”