What are gratitudes?

Holly Ngo, Class Writer

Every morning Xavier’s Honors Chemistry teacher Mr. Mercier asks his classes what they are most thankful for. This allows students to clearly think about and realize what we take for granted. Students are called up at random and asked to give unique gratitudes. Normal answers include their family and friends, but teachers encourage students to think outside of those obvious gratitudes. Recently, more people have answered with, “nature, bees, air conditioning, clothes, etc.” Making us reflect upon our answers.

Gratitudes are something that we cannot live without. Junior Abbey Alexander says that a gratitude is, “knowing the value of the things in your life.” The ordinary things in our lives are never focused on and we can never see what we have and what others don’t have. From this, Mr. Mercier tells his students to close our eyes and to really think about the items or people who play a big role and part in his students lives.

Gratitudes allows students to think in a positive manner. A gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something, it is more like a deeper appreciation. This deeper appreciation gives students the opportunity to think about and reflect upon themselves and their lives. By learning and realizing our gratitudes, we open up to a new perspective of the world and open our hearts.