Gator Golfers drive their way into the record books


Katie Russell, Writer

Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015 was a day for the Gator golf history books.  On this day, the golf team broke the record for their lowest score ever on a nine-hole course, shooting a 131 at Phoenix Country Club. Not only did the golf team break their record, they also claimed victory over Pinnacle High School resulting in the team’s 205th consecutive win.

All of Xavier’s five scorers contributed to the win, with junior Elizabeth Caldarelli shooting a 31, junior Emily Mahar shooting a 31, senior Mikayla Fitzpatrick shooting a 33, senior Alisa Snyder shooting a 36, and junior Lily Worden shooting a 38.

“Xavier golf is a team of outstanding tradition and history, and to know that we broke the record for lowest match score is a huge honor for the team, and even more amazing that it happened during my senior year.  By breaking this record, we beat out a large group of past Xavier golf teams that had equally amazing players, some of which are professionals now. I believe this year’s team is one of the best we’ve had, and it was great to be able to prove it to everyone else,” said senior Fitzpatrick.

Xavier’s golf team has been coached by Sister Lynn Winsor since 1974, and has 427 wins under her leadership.

Sister Lynn is very proud of the golf team. She said, “It is always fun to break records, but is more important that the kids did well. This record shows how hard all the golfers work on their game. The team this year has great leaders, senior captains Mikayla Fitzpatrick and Alisa Snyder, and a great team starts with great leaders. We are so proud to be continuing the great tradition of Xavier golf.”

Sister Lynn and co-coach Ms. Tui Selvaratnam are proud of the team’s accomplishments so far, and have high hopes for the rest of the season.