Xavier Track and Field – 2019 Season


Xavier’s sprint team for the 2018-2019 Track and Field season. Pictured from left to right: Kolbe Pierce ‘19, Jhonnie Mitchell ‘19, Leila Grant ‘19, Jada Simms ‘19, Amaka Alilonu ‘20, Taylor Brown ‘20, Alessandra Galasso ‘20, and Sophie Brohard ‘20. Photo Courtesy of Taylor Brown ‘20.

Xavier’s Track and Field team has been in season for a few months now, continuing to vigorously compete to reach their full potential. Track and Field teams often consist of large numbers: Xavier’s team consists of 70 athletes. These girls have split their athletic talents among running, jumping and throwing events. Running events range from 100m, 200m, and 400m sprints to middle distance runs of 800m and 1600m. Few athletes choose to participate in the long-distance running of 3200m; whereas, the 4x100m and 4x400m relay races are extremely popular events. Jumping events include 110/100m and 400m hurdles, and additional events like long jump, high jump, triple jump, and pole vaulting. Throwing events, such as discus, shot put and javelin has rose to popularity recently.

The Track and Field Program at Xavier provides all of these track and field events, with competitive athletes that are hoping to achieve a state title and meet their personal bests every meet. Senior Jada Simms has had a very successful season this year. From setting the school record in the heptathlon and multiple high jump events, Jada was also a member of the 4x400m relay team that set the school record for middle distance relays last year. She is very thankful for the role that track has played in her life, commenting, “Track has given me the opportunity to meet new people and get new experiences. It has also taught me to work hard and it is amazing knowing that my hard work can pay off. Without all of my coaches and teammates and Xavier, I would not be where I am today.” Jada will be attending Vanderbilt University next year, accompanied by a track scholarship.

Xavier participated in a colossal meet, Chandler Rotary, this past Saturday, Mar. 24 at Chandler High School. Teams all across the board received great success, especially the 4x400m relay team which achieved a personal best which scored 5 out of 75 teams. Additionally, Simms set another personal record for herself this weekend in the hurdles, adding to her success this year.

Xavier’s relay races have found recent success throughout meets, and middle-distance runner Junior Morgan Brown is part of the 4×800 relay team. “The 4×800 relay is my favorite event not only because of the pure adrenaline of competition but also for the opportunity to support my teammates. Although running the 800 may leave me physically exhausted, I am grateful for the opportunity to push myself to my limits alongside my teammates.” Middle distance running is a very common event for dual sport athletes to participate in, as it is very helpful with improving one’s endurance. Brown has won a state championship with Xavier’s swim team, as well as running beside Junior Taylor Brown who has also won a state championship with Xavier’s competitive soccer team. These dual sport athletes are able to balance track, their respective sports, and schoolwork while still performing at a high level in all aspects of their life. Brown comments on how she balances track and soccer, “Going from track to soccer every day is very time consuming, but it is rewarding at the time. The most challenging thing about it is finding the time to get my homework done. However, I find the time by doing my homework whenever I can and when I do have some free time, I try and work ahead. Track has been super fun so far and I have definitely noticed a change in my endurance on the soccer field.”

Over the years when people thought of the word “track”, they would mainly think of the running events, but the sport has evolved into one that also includes competitive throwing events. Junior Maddy Skrovan competes in all of the throwing events offered and has had a great experience thus far while trying out something new, as she has been a soccer player her whole life, “Throwing is such a fun sport at Xavier because anyone can try it for the first time without knowing a thing about it and learn it along the way”. Xavier’s throwing teams for track and field have become more competitive this year than before, adding on to the success the Track and Field team has achieved so far, in this 2019 season.