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Megan Onofrei

Megan Onofrei, Photo Editor

Megan Onofrei is a senior at Xavier and is the Photo Editor on the XPress Board for this school year. She was in the XPress class last year as the Sports and Fitness Editor. She is a member of the National Honors Society and the Student Ambassadors Program. Megan is a competitive soccer player and loves being a part of Xavier's Varsity Soccer team. When not playing soccer, she enjoys spending her time with her friends and family, as well as cooking and taking photos. She is very excited about the opportunity to share her love of athletics, photography, and journalism throughout this year.

All content by Megan Onofrei
Xavier’s Varsity Lacrosse team photo for the 2019-2020 season. Photo Credit: Bridget Wickers ‘20.

2020 Sports Recap

Megan Onofrei May 3, 2020

Xavier College Prep has always had a strong presence in extracurricular activities, especially sports!  During the 2019-2020 school year Xavier, athletics continued to be strong, as many teams contended...

Senior Tribute: Megan Onofrei

Senior Tribute: Megan Onofrei

Megan Onofrei, Photo Editor May 3, 2020

Looking back at my time at Xavier, one word stands out to me in describing my experience: blessed. The moment that I got my acceptance letter when I was in 8th grade, I felt so grateful that I would have...

Setting Up a Realistic New Years Resolution

Setting Up a Realistic New Year’s Resolution

Megan Onofrei, Photo Editor February 10, 2020

“New Year, New Me!” That is the most popular saying at the beginning of every year, due to the spur of New Year’s resolutions that our society is famous for coming up with. Such resolutions are commonly...

Taylor Garman ‘20, Emma Elsbecker ‘20, and Angelina Abdeen ‘20 giggle while embracing the lighthearted nature of Senior Prayer Day. This picture was taken during Activity A with Ms. Cavnar as the girls did a warm up activity to become even more familiar with their peers. Photo Courtesy of Meghan Galbreath ‘20.

2019 Senior Prayer Day

Megan Onofrei, Photo Editor September 17, 2019

Seniors at Xavier College Prep wait three years to receive the privileges of being the top-dogs of the school. One of those privileges is having two Senior Prayer Days at the Mount Claret Retreat Center...

PBS Student Reporting Lab Assignment- Citizen Science- Audubon Society -Climate Watch

Amy Zimmerman is the Climate Watch Coordinator of the Audubon Society in Flagstaff, Arizona. We gained information about the program from Amy, and we learned specifically about the White-breasted Nuthatch....

Pictured is the entire varsity soccer team from this season on senior night. The parents of the seniors and the coaches are also in the picture. Photo Courtesy of Megan Onofrei 20.

Senior Sports Highlights of the 2018 – 2019 Seasons

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor May 2, 2019

Xavier College Prep has a variety of aspects that make up its excellence and success across the board, one of those elements being the presence of a competitive athletic environment. Athletes are given...

On Wednesday, April 24, eight Xavier seniors signed National Letters of Intent to play collegiate sports. Congratulations to these Xavier gators on this great accomplishment, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future! Photo Courtesy of Helen Innes ‘19.

Spring National Letter of Intent Signing Day

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor April 24, 2019

Xavier College Prep’s excellence in the classroom has carried over to athletics, as eight athletes signed national letters of intent to play collegiate sports on the morning of Wednesday, April 24. Carrying...

Xavier’s sprint team for the 2018-2019 Track and Field season. Pictured from left to right: Kolbe Pierce ‘19, Jhonnie Mitchell ‘19, Leila Grant ‘19, Jada Simms ‘19, Amaka Alilonu ‘20, Taylor Brown ‘20, Alessandra Galasso ‘20, and Sophie Brohard ‘20. Photo Courtesy of Taylor Brown ‘20.

Xavier Track and Field – 2019 Season

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor April 1, 2019

Xavier’s Track and Field team has been in season for a few months now, continuing to vigorously compete to reach their full potential. Track and Field teams often consist of large numbers: Xavier’s...

Xavier’s Lacrosse team after practice, huddling around each other. Photo Courtesy of Kit Blouin ‘20.

Rebuilding of Xavier’s Lacrosse Team

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor March 11, 2019

Xavier’s Lacrosse Team is entering into a rebuilding year as new changes arise: the elimination of a Junior Varsity team, a new coaching staff and the loss of 13 seniors from the team two years ago....

Brophy and Xavier students gather to watch Super Bowl LIII on Sunday Feb 3. Food was provided on the table, while the game was going on. As well as a friendly betting board located to the far right of the image. Photo Courtesy of Junior Sophia Salome.

Super Bowl LIII Traditions: Delicious Food, Friendly Betting, Halftime Show, Hilarious Commercials

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor February 13, 2019

The Super Bowl has been a great tradition among football fans all across America. It is the annual game for the National Football League, or NFL, where one team is given the championship title as well...

This picture represents the cast of Brophy’s Student Theatre Performance: The Bronco Room. Included is all of the cast members in outfits from one of their scenes, the directors, and the stage crew.

Brophy Student Theater Performance: The Bronco Room

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor January 22, 2019

Brophy’s Student Theater performances have been notoriously hilarious and this winter’s performance, The Bronco Room, was no different. The objective of the Bronco Room is to create a show that is...

Xaviers Varsity Basketball team with the senior captains Leilani McIntosh, Addie Putnam, and Paris Rasheed-Moore featured in the front row. Photo courtesy of Duke Photography.

Xavier Basketball: Leading by Example

Caroline Hink and Megan Onofrei January 22, 2019

After last season’s run to the State Championship game, Xavier Varsity Basketball continues to dominate the 6A division and are currently ranked 3rd in the state by AZPreps365, behind Hamilton and Pinnacle....

The Netflix home screen for holiday movies. Netflix provides a wide range of movies just in time for the holiday season. Photo courtesy of Megan Onofrei 20

Getting festive with Netflix Christmas movies

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor December 13, 2018

One of the best parts about Christmas are all of the new holiday movies that come out each year! Netflix is the most popular outlet for movies, especially throughout the holidays. On Netflix, you can find...

Pictured is the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch Series 3 showcases the qualities implemented in the watch that monitor daily physical activity and its many qualities. Photo Courtesy of

Holiday Gift Guide

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor December 12, 2018

The Holidays are the greatest time of the year. However, Christmas shopping can be super stressful with having to find the perfect gift for your family members and loved ones. Below is a guide to amazing...

Teenagers often stay up late at night and lose sleep through the use of technology. Watching Netflix and Facetiming a friend are 2 very common ways to lose sleep. Photo Courtesy of Megan Onofrei

How do cell phones affect your sleeping pattern?

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor November 18, 2018

Teenagers are attached to their cell phones and it seems like everything about their lives is on such a small device. From schedules to social media to unlimited information, these small devices are utilized...

Xaviers varsity volleyball team for the 2018-2019 season. Pictured before they won their 2nd consecutive state championship. 
Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hayward & Robertson Family.

Varsity Volleyball Defends Their State Title

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor November 12, 2018

The varsity volleyball team had a successful season, with 13 wins and 4 losses within their league. While participating in tournaments such as the Nike TOC Tournament and the Durango Fall Classic, the...

Foreign Candy Taste Test

Kit Blouin and Megan Onofrei October 31, 2018
Megan Onofrei and Kit Blouin interview Xavier students and have them try foreign candies from five different countries and have them guess where the candy is from.
Flower Child Menu. Courtesy of Megan Onofrei 20.

Healthy Food Options in Uptown Plaza on Camelback and Central

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor October 2, 2018

After a long day of school, Xavier and Brophy students are usually very hungry and desperate for a snack. Luckily for us, the Uptown Plaza on Camelback and Central offers a variety of different restaurants,...

Photo courtesy of Caroline Hink

Lifelong Benefits of Tennis

Caroline Hink and Megan Onofrei October 1, 2018

On Sept. 18, the radio station KTAR News 92.3 interviewed Xavier’s tennis coach, Laurie Martin. Coach Martin was asked to speak about the lifelong benefits of tennis and why everyone should consider...

Top: Jessie Simmons, Kaity Ward

Bottom: Abby Hubbard, Madeline Warren, Kinsey Ehmann, Hannah Hale

February 7, 2018, National Letter of Intent Signing Day at Xavier College Preparatory

Xavier athletes going on to play collegiate sports

Megan Onofrei, Club Writer May 8, 2018

Xavier College Prep has such an excellent athletic program that teaches athletes the tools of teamwork, work ethic, and discipline which is extremely helpful to athletes that wish to pursue their athletic...

(L-R) Seniors Maddy Chait, Kinsey Ehmann, Nicole Hook, and Abby Hubbard on varsity soccer.

The success of Xavier sports in the 2017-2018 school year

Megan Onofrei, Club Writer May 8, 2018

This year has been a very successful year for the Gators; they have won five state championships! During the fall sports season, varsity badminton made it all the way to the semis this year. Varsity Volleyball...

Here are a few of the mentioned fitness-related gifts that are great for anyone.

Sports and fitness holiday gift guide

Megan Onofrei, Club Writer December 17, 2017

Christmas is a very stressful holiday, mostly because of the pressure to get the perfect gift for your loved ones. For all of those people that have sports and fitness minded family members, the following...

A nutrition label on a pack of candy

How calorie information on food labels benefits Americans

Megan Onofrei, Club Writer October 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered why there is so much information on food labels and what the information actually means? Food labels provide accurate nutritional information, such as calorie counts, so it is easier...

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