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SRS, Class Writer

Sattu is a Sophomore at Xavier College Prep. This is her first year in XPress. She hopes to pursue a career in filmmaking, screenwriting, or creative writing. Her interests include playing piano, drawing, writing stories, and creating short films. She is excited to share the news with the Xavier Community.

All content by SRS
Urban vendors at the September First Friday event - Courtesy of Sattu Samura 21’

Creative Things to do in Phoenix

September 17, 2019

With the bustle of our lives here at school and home, we can forget that there are plenty of fun creative events outside of school. Although it may not seem like it initially, Phoenix has a lot to offer...

PBS Student Reporting Lab Assignment- Citizen Science- Audubon Society -Climate Watch

May 14, 2019

Amy Zimmerman is the Climate Watch Coordinator of the Audubon Society in Flagstaff, Arizona. We gained information about the program from Amy, and we learned specifically about the White-breasted Nuthatch....

Unconventional Majors

May 6, 2019

Sattu interviews Xavier College Prep students on unconventional majors- highlighting some interesting majors that our 2019 Seniors are going on to pursue in college.

Sophomores into Juniors

May 6, 2019

Sattu interviews Xavier College Preparatory Sophomores.

Jussie Smollett and the alleged hoax

Jussie Smollett and the alleged hoax

March 13, 2019

Over the past few weeks, the alleged bigotry fueled attack on Empire actor, Jussie Smollett, has been the focal point of national news. Now, after the attack, speculations are coming in saying that the...

Myers Briggs and the future of personality tests

Myers Briggs and the future of personality tests

February 20, 2019

I recently took the Myers Briggs Personality Test. Now, I am a fan. I can say that the results it provided were entirely accurate for me. Ultimately, colleges, businesses and psychologists have caught...

Senior Helen Innes’ parents try a new curling class. They wanted to try something new for the New Year, so they signed themselves up for an introductory course.

How to Make Good Resolutions and Stick to Them

January 22, 2019

With the start of 2019,  bringing a new semester, there is a yearly societal cycle of making New Year's resolutions. These resolutions are followed through for maybe a month, but ultimately results in...

Holiday Baking: Mini Apple Pies

December 5, 2018
This video goes through the process of making mini apple pies just in time for the holiday season. it provides a detailed video step-by-step to show how to make the pies the same way shown.
Friends pose for Homecoming in modern styles

Homecoming over the decades

November 7, 2018

With homecoming come and gone, many Xavier students can think about the styles they've seen, not only this year, but in the past. It is easily seen that there is a certain fashion for the event that has...

Photo of Kit Blouin 20 and Caroline Hink 20. Courtesy of Megan Onofrei 20.

Ways to De-stress at Xavier

October 3, 2018

With the school year starting off, it can be easy to get stressed and caught up in the rigorous workload, plentiful clubs, and the multitude of activities that Xavier provides. And with this newfound stress...

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