Lifelong Benefits of Tennis


Photo courtesy of Caroline Hink

On Sept. 18, the radio station KTAR News 92.3 interviewed Xavier’s tennis coach, Laurie Martin. Coach Martin was asked to speak about the lifelong benefits of tennis and why everyone should consider playing the sport. When asked about the benefits of tennis, Coach Martin said that “playing tennis isn’t just a sport that requires a lot of aerobics, speed, and leg strength. There’s a lot of decision making in tennis. [It] is a game of geometry and physics”.

Not only does playing tennis offer a fun way to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle, but it also stimulates the brain and causes quick thinking to react to one’s opponent. Recent studies from the Mayo Clinic have reported that playing tennis can increase your lifespan by an upwards of ten years. All of these benefits are something to think about when looking for new, fun ways to exercise both your mind and body. Coach Martin hopes that parents will consider these factors when helping their children pick a sport to play. 

In recent years, the popularity of tennis in the United States has dramatically increased due to the success of phenomenal players, such as Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Both of these athletes set an example of the benefits that tennis represents, due to their intelligent decision making on the court and their knowledge of healthy lifestyle skills.

We can’t wait to see our Tennis gators hit the courts in the spring!