Spring Sports Rally: A Tradition


Xavier Spiritline Pom performs their Jazz routine at the Spring Sports Rally. Students and staff alike loved watching their beautiful perform and were left in awe of the talent of Xavier’s finest dancers. Photo by Emmie Halter ‘21.

Every Xavier girl leaves XCP remembering the rallies. Students participate in rally dances, student council performs in skits and students cheer their class on in the stands. A school favorite rally is the Spring Sports and Senior rally. The spring sports showcase their dances and the seniors get to wear red graduation caps for their last ever XCP rally. Each grades’ student council takes time to remember the seniors and the sport dances make the Seniors’ the stars of the show.

Sophomore student Council members Caroline Calihan and Ally Wissink pose in their costumes from the Spring Sports Rally. The theme of the rally was Blast to the Past and the Sophomores/Seniors were the Past, while Juniors/Freshman were the Future. Photo by Emmie Halter ‘21.
Xavier Executive Board performed an energetic dance as part of their last rally at Xavier. Their music and dance moves reflected their past four years at Xavier. Thank you Executive Board for an amazing school year! Photo by Emmie Halter ‘21.

It is a tradition for each grades’ student council to give flowers to the graduating senior student council. This year the freshman, sophomore and junior classes presented these gifts embedded in their dances. One of the most memorable representations of this was the freshman falling into the splits to deliver their roses. The student council for every grade also created a fun dance to go with the Spring rally theme of “Blast to the Past”.  Senior student council member, Emma Tawney, says “rally dances with student council have been my favorite memory from my time at Xavier.” From the senior’s wearing an iconic early 2000s “Lizzie McGuire” outfit to the juniors wearing futuristic green wigs, the student body got a laugh at our outgoing student council and their humorous outfits.

In addition to the student council dances, 100+ Xavier students also got to perform in their sport dances. These sport dances included Softball, Track and Field, Sand Volleyball, Lacrosse and Tennis. These sports teams were also featured in the rally video and got to wear their team jerseys. Athletics is such an important part of Xavier and the rallies help include the whole student body in cheering for our athletic teams. The Spiritline, Cheer and Pom teams also performed routines that left the audience in awe. The cheerleaders performed a routine that got them to nationals and to be state champions. The Pom team performed their jazz routine from nationals as a homage to all the seniors leaving.

The rally was bittersweet for the seniors who were saying one of the first of many goodbyes at Xavier. The Executive Board had their parents come out to see their last rally and all of the seniors wore a red, paper graduation cap symbolizing their class color. The seniors will not forget their last rally due to the hard work put in by the whole student body to make them feel special on this day. Although the rally victory was handed over to the freshman, the seniors had a final rally to remember.

Rallies are one of the most exciting and interactive Xavier traditions. With nearly every member of the student body participating in some way to make the rally amazing, it is truly an all-school effort. Student Council performs humorous dances, sports teams give girls a sneak peek into their season and the Executive Board forms the most beloved rally videos. There is no doubt that Brophy can hear the chants of Xavier girls screaming for their class and music blaring as the teacher’s dance along. The rallies are a truly special event that gets students in the Gator spirit ready for the season ahead.