Mr. Mos is a Bright Star

Mr. Mos poses with his book, available now!

Mr. Mos poses with his book, available now!

Emma McCarthy, Connect Editor

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Gather around everyone, it’s storytime with Mr. Mos! The English 1 teacher here at Xavier College Prep, just published his second book, The Bright Star, a story that personifies the stars above Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. After working at Xavier for 3 years and teaching English in summer school to incoming freshmen before that, he has become an extremely valued teacher! Mr. Mostoller’s first book, Closed Doors, Quiet Streets, hit bookshelves in 2018. It is a collection of poems he describes as “an isolated mind in a connected world”. He greatly credits poet Jude Nutters, a brilliant writer notable for her award-winning journals such as “The Curator of Silence”, for guidance in his poetry. Mr. Mostoller loves getting suggestions from other writers and is actually in the Phoenix Writers Group, whose members actually encouraged him to develop his second book.

The Bright Star was originally a poem he wrote in 2009, but many told him it served better as an illustrated book. This allowed him to collaborate with Bruce Black, a fantastic artist he met while working at North Phoenix Prep. Mr. Mostoller obviously holds a great passion for writing (he’s an English teacher after all) and says he tries to write most mornings when he feels most inspired and productive. When asked how Xavier influences his writing, he cites the BVM sisters: “They make an environment where you just feel comfortable. Just being able to reflect and be in a setting where I’m accepted, others are accepted, to where creativity can flow.” His advice for aspiring Xavier writers is, “If it’s a goal to publish something or write, it has to be an internal drive, something your soul says you have to do. If you are really driven, I encourage you to join a group, submit a poem, share it with a teacher or friend, even just start a journal! Get your mind to start creating!” As for what’s in his writing future, he has plans to release a Halloween book in the year 2020 in with his current collaborator Bruce Black. Mr. Mostoller will also continue to write poetry and entering contests where he can hopefully get constructive criticism. Mr. Mostoller’s book, The Bright Star, is available now on Amazon, and will hopefully be available in the Xavier bookstore around Christmas. Xavier congratulates him and supports him on his big release!