Seniors Last Wills and Testaments

-Bri Butkiewicz

Thank you Xavier. You have taught me to live, laugh, and definitely cry. You have given me friends that are now family and insurmountable memories. Cheers, to the class of 2020!

My sweet tennis girls- I love you all so much, and I miss spending every day with all of you!! Thank you for making these last four years the absolute best!! Kill it next year! And as always SMQR!!! Love always, Emily Even

Jojo- you have been the best carpool and I have been so thankful for you in the mornings!! Keep up the good work and stay a cornball forever!! The lacrosse team- thank you for giving me the best four years possible. I am not sure what I would do without you guys!!! Thanks for always having my back! Xoxo dubstep!! -bridget wickers

To my sister Ruby, I loved being at the same school with you these past two years and I’m going to miss our Friday afternoon rides home and seeing you in the halls. Those and so many more little moments of being at the same school with you will forever be my most favorite parts of going to school at Xavier, I love you so much – Phoebe Ransco

To our amazing Cheerios, Thank you for being the best teammates. We will miss you more than you can ever imagine. Don’t take any practice, game, or competition for granted and enjoy every moment. Kill it next year we love you so much! SHHHMATERS on 3! #WOTF – Jackie and Maria Trinity, Hannah, Kate, Sophie, Sidney, Brooke, Sophie, and Isabelle, I can’t wait to watch you guys lead the team to success next year. Enjoy your senior year because it will go bye in a blink of an eye. I love you guys forever xoxo, Jackie Hessel

Dear sweet Lauren Vickers, Talia Novack, and Paige Pryor – Congrats, ah you are seniors!! Enjoy this year, especially your last moments on the Xavier stage. I have full confidence that you will carry on the legacy. Love you all! – Sara Watson To my dear Lauren Kort, Ava Chaffee, and Kate Brink – Wow look at you…upperclassmen! It has been my absolute honor to see you grow these past years. I will miss you each more than you know. – Sara Watson

To my tennis girls- I wish our season didn’t end like this, but I know you all have bright futures ahead. I will miss you all so much. Remember to always be a ram 😉 – Lorelei Glidden

Tea Time with Jesus members – Carry on the spirit of joy and welcome that I know you all possess. Keep continuing this community focused on Jesus and building one another up. GreatBookies – Freshmen: I am so excited for your sophomore year! GB my sophomore year was the most fun I have had at Xavier. You will learn so much about the world, yourself, and each other. Sophomores: I remember having to write a lot junior year. Both for English and APUSH, you might be pushed to your limit. I encourage you to never tap out, and to keep going strong. This is your last year actually with your GB class, so enjoy every moment. And finally, my Juniors: You won’t get to be with each other all of the time. However, you get to read some of the best books you will ever read. Some of the most profound and thought-provoking books that I have read in my entire life were in Senior year Great Books. Stay close and keep the group chat alive. All underclassmen – You are about to enter a new year. Be prepared to stretch your limits and grow more than you ever imagined you could have. If you put in the work, you can learn so so much. Don’t let stress take away from your friendships and relationships with your family. At the end of the day, that quiz will not matter so much – but your relationships will. Keep smiling and greeting other girls, even if you don’t know the person or if they don’t smile back. I know I always loved getting a smile/a hello from another girl.

Hopey Nons – I’ve always wanted a little sister for my entire life and I finally got one when I met you. You are so special in your own way. Your humor is unmatched and clearly too elite for anyone else. Thank you for giving me love, support, and a friendship for life. Gracie – To my insane little sister, thank you for your love and your volume. You’re always making everybody smile and laugh, which is one of many things about you that I’ll miss next year. Always stay true to being you. Kelly – My mini me! Thank you for your inspiration and determination. I love our jokes and laughs together and I will cherish them for life. You have made my high school swim experience so memorable with all the love and support you and your family has given me. To you three extraordinary girls and the entire Xavier swim team – I love you all so much and I will miss you immensely next year. MarySue – Thank you for being a part of my group of little sisters throughout high school. I will miss you so much, but I’m so thankful I’ll get to see you so often in my next years. Watching you grow into the kind person you’ve become has been a delight to me, and I can’t wait to see you flourish as an upperclassman. Caroline – Thank you for getting me through high school. You have shown me the definition of true friendship. I’m forever thankful for you. You have the biggest heart I know, and I can’t wait for our future memories together already. Don’t take for granted your last year of high school because it flies by and as I learned, may end sooner than expected. Please come visit me next year girl. Enjoy the best year of your life yet! To these girls and my best friends – I love you! -Via

Hannah Treacy, Sidney Lentz and Kate Alpert, Thank you all for the best memories, making spiritline so fun and never failing to make me laugh. I will miss seeing your faces next year. Have the best senior year, you guys deserve it!! Love, Faith

Enjoy everyday like it’s your last. You never know if a crazy worldwide pandemic will take away those precious moments you share with your friends inside and outside the classroom. -Abby Ditmer

Katie, Kendall, Rian, and Emmie- first off I want to start by saying JV Squad FOREVER! You guys will be my bestie for life and I will never forget those memories of Ke$ha, our annual cookie baking, and all of our laughs and giggles. Thanks for always brightening up my day and being there for me. Soccer was so much fun because of all of you and I will miss you all endlessly. You all better come visit me next year!! Love you guys <3

Ansley, Olivia, Rishita, Charlotte, Ellie, Catherine, and Sammy- I’m gonna miss all my little running buddies. There is no one else I’d rather see at 5:15 in the morning. You guys have made XC enjoyable and I will forever remember every single track workout we ever endured together. I love you all so much and I’m gonna miss you all! #RFPP FOREVER :)))))) – Kaitlyn Lauck

Dear Ava Mayberger and Emma Whetstone, you guys are the best (fake) little sisters ever. I don’t know what i’m gonna do next year with out you 🙁 I will miss seeing your faces passing by in the halls, make the most out of your next two years I hope another pandemic doesn’t take prom away from you guys too! All my love, Kendall Swanson (sissy)
I am so grateful for all the great memories I have made at Xavier and all the amazing friends! I wish the lacrosse team the best of luck next year! And the basketball team a good season! TO CODER I’m gonna miss you girl have the best senior year ever 🙂 love, Tanya ~Tanya Barakat

I’m so grateful to have been part of the Xavier Varsity Soccer team for 3 years. It was definitely a highlight while at Xavier as I formed such amazing friendships and made the best memories. RTKA forever! – Megan Onofrei
To my wonderful sister, Catherine Sabol. I will miss you beyond belief. Never stop sending me songs on Spotify or texting me “meet you in the circle” everyday. Make the most of these last two years of high school! Say hi to Mi for me. Love you, mean it <3 -Claire Sabol

To my sister, Kali (who is an incoming freshman), Good luck! 🙂 Xoxo, Kenzie

Lauryn, Elena, Ciara, Kamley and Cory- I’m going to miss you and can’t wait to see what all of you do in the future. You’re all so strong, smart, funny, beautiful, and will go far in life. Remember that mom loves you! <3 – Angelina Abdeen
Alexis Adams and Laura (Isabelly) Ottesen- Squad forever:(( I love you guys more than anything and I’m going to miss you so much! Have fun with two more years! I hope lex learns how to back into a parking spot! Love sophie

To all my choir juniors and sophomores, I will miss you all very much and I can’t wait to come to your concerts next year! To Camille and Linnea Kerber, I will miss our early morning carpool trips going to choir rehearsal but I know you will both have an amazing senior year. I love you both so much! To the lacrosse team, make sure to keep doing wall ball and prepare for a great season next year. I can’t wait to come to some of your games and cheer you on. I will miss you all very much! I love you all! -Nina Mackey

Well, it’s been fun ladies! I can’t wait to see what everyone does! -Lela Gallery

To my sister Ella Petrine! I love you so much and I’m gonna miss you and all of your friends next year! I hope you have the BEST senior year! -Olivia Petrine Emmie Paulson!! I’m so excited for you! You are gonna kill it on Exec! Martori is the best room on campus 😉 -Olivia Petrine

Katie, Ellie, and Payton! I love you both so much and I’m going to miss seeing your faces every Wednesday! You make life so fun! Oval Office 4L -Olivia Petrine

To Jordan and Camille. You guys have been my biggest supporters and quite honestly the best people I have ever met. I’m going to miss you all so much and I can’t wait to hear about all of your accomplishments and I know you will do amazing things. Soak up every moment with each other and don’t forget to smile. I love you more than words can describe. – Nicole Goldman

To my sister, Isabella Kobierowski, I will miss our 7 am stops at Dunkin Donuts every day before school – and our dance sessions in the car blasting music before we walk into homeroom (and all the dirty looks we got). Enjoy your last two years here and make as many memories as possible:) xoxo, Tara <3

Sabrina and Tara- I will miss you a lot next year. Don’t have too much fun without me in Carpools and don’t crash when you can drive!! With love, Kaitlin Gaona

To my little sister Lexi – I love you so much and will miss bugging you in Euro every day! Keep working hard in your next three years at Xavier, and you are going to do great things!! I know it. Keep surrounding yourself with good people, make amazing memories, and have the best high school experience ever (but don’t torture Mom and Dad too much!) 🙂 <3 To Emmie and Katie, my baes 4ever – I love you both and will miss you dearly! Have the best senior year, make the best memories and have the most fun!!! Y’all are gonna make the best President and VP!! #bigalforever With love, Taylor Garman 🙂 <3

Sophie- never forget your pretty boy swag #gatorsgoham Gracie and Hope- I will miss our morning chickfila/hava runs ft. simp songs. You psychos make life more fun <3 Kelly- GET SOME! Love you forever, lil boat. Mia- you were meant for gr8 things Phoenix. like pushing me in the pool and leaving trash in my car. can’t wait to watch you make your dreams come true. All of my swag and dive babies- I am so proud of you. You are my family and I love you all forever!! -Maddie Wright

MACKENZIE CODER you have been the best partner in crime ever!! Make senior year a memorable one! I can’t wait for you to come to college with me! I also can’t wait until your famous and open for Billie!! I love you so much Coder!! #BILLIEFORLIFE LINA VANDERWEY you have been the best carpool (on the days when John takes the truck or when the truck doesn’t work)!! I love you so much Lina! I can’t wait for you to swag senior year out with your DJ skills!! #COFFEEFIRST -Marilyn Ghazoul

Howdy everyone, well there are so many people that I would like to acknowledge. To my frosh, soph and junior techies I love y’all a whole bunch and I KNOW you all will be able to put on spectacular shows next year and years later. Also, to my sister Avery Allen, you kill it sis and have the best Spiritline season and junior year. Also thank you so much to everyone who has made Xavier a special place! – Tatum Allen

To my favorites, Sophie Riviere and Caroline Brewer, I hope you guys have the best senior year ever!! You don’t know how much I’m gonna miss yearbook with you guys and thank you for being my besties while I was a junior editor… you both better visit me because I’m gonna miss seeing your faces everyday:( love you both so much<3 xoxo, Isabella Ordonez

Ryan, Emilia, Vicky, Katelyn, and Nyla, The team is all yours now! I am so disappointed we could not complete our last season together, but I know you will all do amazing things both at Xavier and in your life. Cherish the team while you have it because it goes by quicker than you think. 🙂 With love, Erica Stutz

To all my soccer people, I will miss you guys so much! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, it will help you win state!!! RTKA forever <3 -Brynn Lebel

To my baddies, keep up the hard work you all do for the team and I will always be there in spirit. For my choir girls, I love all of you so much and know that I will come down to watch the beautiful Christmas pageant. And finally, Mina Clary, my koukla, I love you so much and will miss you and your crazy spirit like every single day. Love all of you, Alex Kockinis

My dearest Megan!! You have no idea how much I am going to miss you next year! I can’t wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish both at Xavier and in life and I will always be here cheering you on! Good luck in Orchestra the next 2 years…I know you need it. Love you forever my mini me <3 – Brianna Butkiewicz

I don’t quite remember a quarantine at the end of Troy and Gabriella’s senior year but it was a great 4 years nonetheless! Here’s to 6 am carpool karaoke, chik fil a Fridays, late night “study” sessions, and the horse head from homecoming night! To my sister Gema, have a great last two years at xcp, make the best out of it and embrace the skirt (I miss it already) To my forever Juniors and dance sisters: Lady, Emily, Abril, Paulyn, McKenzie, Naomi, Alexa, Amelie, Lauren, and Alyssa, remember that Harry Styles loves you and have a great-and normal- Senior year! And to Ally, Haydee, Noor, and Tori i couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to do high school with! 🙂 -Helen Sanchez

Maggie Kamps! Senior year WOOHOO! I will miss seeing your face around school, chatting with you, and hearing all of your jokes 🙂 Enjoy your last year here!! – Angela Minneci

to my beloved Swag and Dive Team: I love you all so very much and am gonna miss seeing you all at 5am on Friday mornings. Always remember to feel your power and GET SOME <3 -gracie schu to my adorable soprano 2s: I’m desperately gonna miss seeing each and every one of you at 8 in the morning. Keep your head up and know that you will get through the hard times. I love you all so much, go kill it next year 🙂 -gracie schu

Nadia, Sienna, Karsen, and Dani- Thank you for being the best carpools ever I love you all so much!! Karsen I will send you lots of stickers from wherever I am. I already miss you guys!! Love, Zoe

To my mountain biking girls- Chloe, Hailey, Rachel, Grace, Sharon, and Aria- I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Keep shining and shredding the trail! Enjoy every moment because senior year will come in the blink of an eye! Kendall- thanks for dealing with me for two years straight with Iacovo. You will be missed and I hope you have an amazing senior year 🙂 -Catherine Wandachowicz

Reagan Van Norman, I miss our AJ’s runs and daily strudels before track. Too bad we never finished that track vlog because it seemed like it would’ve been pretty iconic. Anyway, live your senior year to the fullest, literally every second counts and I’ve realized that as I am writing this in quarantine right now. I actually miss going to school so cherish the time you do have at Xavier, you’ll miss it more than you think. Love you good luck with your senior year! – Maddy Skrovan

Ally Wissink, Don’t spend all the exec money. You are the treasure of Xavier exec. – Maddy Skrovan

To ALL Xavier Gators, Enjoy it while you can. Go to games, shows, dances, and events. Go talk to new people. Go be you, know how amazing you are. Smile. Go Gators! – Heather Kwapiszeski

To anyone in honor choir, keep being little rays of sunshine! Never take a yawn sigh for granted and if you ever complain about festival, remember ours was taken away from us, so cherish every moment you have! -Cromey

HOPE NOLAN- Hi sister! Don’t miss me too much next year! You’re the best sister I could ask for (behind Molissa of course) and I demand a permanent spot on top of the pyramid while I am gone! I love you always! GRACIE MUNK- I love you! Thanks for always making me laugh whenever I see you! You are still not allowed to sit in the front seat! DAYANARA PENALOSA- Sad I won’t see you every morning next year! Find a good carpool and don’t forget to do your highs and lows!<3 Love always, Lilly Nolan

Kiwi- thank you for being like the sister I always wanted. I will miss being at the same school as you next year, but I won’t be too far away 🙂 Make sure to make the most of everything next year, take lots of pictures, enjoy the little things, don’t stress out too much, and most importantly know that I am always going to be here for you. Love you forever cutie <3 – Mira Camunez

To our teammates on XCP Beach: We love you and can’t wait to see you continue the dynasty! We will miss you so much but we hope you remember we will always be cheering you on and supporting you through everything. CAFB! – Your Seniors: Brianna, Analy, Abby, Tori, Grace, Katelen, and Jasmine

To Cory and Helena-I hope you truly enjoy and maximize your time left at Xavier, never lose your voice! -Emma Elsbecker

To Sophie and juniors, we never invited you to anything but you still showed up so please do the same to our two tables in founders! You all better enjoy your year and be thankful a pandemic didn’t take away your senior fun:) We actually do love all of you and will miss you!! XOXO- Laila and friends