Thank You Notes 2020



The best English teachers ever!! Thank you to Mrs Galbreath and Mrs Hubbard for teaching me how to write an essay that actually makes sense
Homeroom breakfast!! It was always something to look forward to once a month and if you had a really homeroom breakfast, it just made the start of your day so much better
forcing me to take Honors Precalculus. My second semester test average of a 71% was nothing short of incredible
-Thank you Xavier for teaching me its OK to wear sweatpants in public.
-Thank you to Mrs. Hubbard for all your help with my college essays
-Thank you Mrs. Galbreath for letting me annoy you in your classroom all the time!
-Thank you both for being great hostesses towards my beautiful fathead face 🙂
-Thank you to Señor for being the best Steve to my Robin! #ScoopsAhoyForever
-Thank you to Ms. Emmerling for being the best guidance counselor (and NHS moderator) a girl could ask for!
-Thank you to Ms. Metzger for believing in me for NHS Prez, for being such an amazing NHS moderator, and for all the hard work you do for Xavier behind the scenes.
-Thank you Ms. Nunez for being the best. I love you! Thank you to all my teachers from all 4 years for all you do – you all are amazing. With lots of love, Taylor Garman <3
Jane Schaffer.
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Long for always showing us pictures and videos of Flo.
Thank you Mrs. Long for teaching me about a subject I never knew I was going to love to learn about! Your class has been the most helpful to show a college-style lecture class!
Thank you to our maintenance staff that does such a wonderful job keeping our campus safe and clean!
The most amazing friends and teachers I met throughout high school
Thank you, Xavier, for teaching me what it is like to be part of a team that acts like a family. RTKA forever! Thank you, Xavier, for some of my best friends – Kaitlin Gaona, Francesca Bingaman, Taylor Garman who have always been so honest and genuine.
Thank you, Xavier, for having microwaves in Founders Hall, it really helped me out at lunch. Thank you, Xavier, for some of the best teachers and coach that I’ve ever had – Coach Chura, Mrs. Nunez, Mrs. Long, Mr. Long, and Mr. Maresca.
Thank you ceramics department for teaching me that I am creative!
putting out the gator floaties in the grass when it rains, showing me that we I am drowning in homework I should know how to keep afloat
Teaching me that nothing comes easy. If you want something you have to work hard for it. Sometimes even with hard work you might still not attain it, it is ok because God always has a plan for us.
Dr Zuba for being the best Journalism teacher ever!! We are so grateful that you got to be our teacher! Thank you for supporting us
Mrs. Galbreath. I know I’m really her favorite (sorry Daphne)
Thank you Ms. Gannon!!!! Every visit I had with you truly brightened my day!!
Thank you Ms. Grimstead for making me smile everyday! I will miss seeing you 🙂
giving me my life long best friends and memories I will cherish forever. Thank you to my teachers and coaches to making my Xavier experience so amazing.
Thank you Fitz staircase for the number of times I fell going UP.
all the teachers that still liked me after I failed a test.
The best group of girls that I could’ve ever asked for. The friends I’ve met through Xavier will stick with me forever.
teaching me how to get ready in 5 minutes in the morning.
– Thank you Mr. Campos (Anthony) for always keeping us safe in the mornings at the pop lot, and for driving the bus to swim meets when we screeched songs the whole time. I’m also sorry for that one time that my friend jumped on top of my moving car. You are the best and I will miss waving at you everyday!
– Thank you Coach James for EVERYTHING that you have done for me (Hanz and Franz are here to PUMP YOU UP!). You are amazing and I promise to always visit and say hi (and scare freshmen)!
– Dr. Lueken, Mr. Distefano, Mr. Stricklin, and Mr. Ahearn for being the greatest theology teachers all 4 years.
-Thank you to Mrs. Gannon for being the best counselor I could ever, ever ask for. Getting to know you these past 4 years have been so fun!
– Thank you Mrs. Grinstead for not getting mad at me for being late to morning messengers everyday. I hope to see you and Minga everytime I come back to visit!
– Thank you Wymans- BUENOS DIASSSSS- for the best week of my life in Panama.
– Thank you Mrs. Morgan and Fr. Cruz for being the best adult leaders EVER – Thank you Ms. Thoms, Ms. Cavnar and especially Sr. Kathleen for making Kairos come to life at Xavier. I cannot thank you enough for the joy that you all brought me.
– Thank you to the small patch of grass outside of Fitz where my friends and I sat everyday, I will miss you.
Teaching me how to be a young woman passionate about the things I care about and the people I love.
Thank you Mr. Williams for all the hard work that you do! Xavier wouldn’t be the same without you.
thank you Xavier for providing me with some of the best friends that I will have for a lifetime, for an education that has set me up for success, for outstanding teachers that have taught me so much more than just inside the classroom, and for giving me the opportunity to experience moments that I will never forget
teaching me that firemen aren’t the only people that are capable of learning how to get dressed in 2 minutes. teaching me how to get out of or into a parking spot in 30 seconds or less. Thank you, Mr. Long, for preparing us so well for the APUSH test that we were able to recognize one of the passages on it because you had literally given us the exact same one a few weeks prior. -Angelina Abdeen
thank you to my amazing teachers! Especially during the COVID19 madness, they are working their hardest to make everything as normal as possible.
feeding my caffeine addiction and now allowing my body to have 6 shots of espresso and not be phased
showing that me no matter how long you study, you can still fail a test
Thank you Mrs. Galbreath for turning me into an actual writer! And for teaching me so much (even though your class is really hard!)
making me the person I am today and filling my life full of amazing friends I have met during these last four years
thank you Xavier for trying to provide seniors with some fun virtual events. although they will never be the same, I know you guys are working your hardest to give us some of the events we have been looking forward to for four years.
Senor! The future is a mist!! I will miss you and those pink lemonade lollipops! -Olivia Petrine
Thank you xavier for teaching me that it, is in fact, not okay to wear make up to school nor is it okay to sneak over to Brophy at lunch on mass dress days.
The best teachers and friends
-an amazing class of girls, great teachers, and all of the life lessons I have learnt
showing me that you when you think you are driving as slow as you can, you can go slower
Dean Macrina’s baking. You always knew it was gonna be a good day in Exec when Mama Baked.
Teaching me how to juggle all my extracurriculars and all my classes!
the mouse on kairos… spruce forever!!