Students sign national letters of intent


Emma McCarthy/XPress photo

On November 18, 2020, seven students, Macy Lee, Mia Rankin, Serena Turner, Elizabeth Woudenberg, Anahi Cardinal, Mary Beth Doss, and Lauren Garcia, pose after signing national letters of intent at a signing event in the Performing Arts Center.

On November 18, seven senior student athletes of Xavier College Prep signed national letters of intent at an event held on Xavier’s campus. By signing letters of intent, the students committed to attending a college and playing their sports collegiately.

Macy Lee signed for softball at Michigan State University, Mia Rankin signed to swim at Ohio State University, Serena Turner signed to play beach volleyball at Stanford University, Elizabeth Woudenberg signed to play soccer at Colorado State University, Anahi Cardinal signed to play soccer at James Madison University, Mary Beth Doss signed to play golf at Colorado Christian University, and Lauren Garcia signed to play golf at Sonoma State University.

“I could not be more excited to sign to my dream school. A huge thanks goes out to all my coaches, friends, and family for helping me get to this point. Go Card!” said Turner.

Signing a national letter of intent is an important event because “it’s the culmination of four years of sports participation, whether in Xavier or out of Xavier. Most of these ladies started playing their sports when they were younger, and they have worked so hard with the goal of going to college and playing in college, and that has come to fruition,” said Sister Lynn Winsor, Vice Principal for Activities and Athletics.

The event was held in the Performing Arts Center, with social distancing. Families and friends were able to witness this event.

“It’s a nice thing for their families and their friends who get to actually see them do it. We’re one of the only schools that really does it, especially for girls,” said Winsor.

Holding the event for the signees and making them feel appreciated was a priority for Xavier. “Honoring young women who have achieved much, whether they’re in sports or academics or clubs or activities, I think is very important for us to do,” said Winsor.

Holding such an event is intended to show the signees how proud the Xavier community is of them and of all their hard work. 

While the event on November 18 was the first time one of these events has been held in the Performing Arts Center, the Xavier administration is planning to continue to host future events there because it likes it better than previous locations. More students are already planning to sign letters of intent during this second semester. 

“I’m so beyond excited to sign to my dream school and continue my academic and athletic career. Thanks to Xavier and the other amazing girls. This was a day I will never forget!” said Lee.