Xavier focuses on diversity through WAX Club


Photo Credit: Yonghee Grinstead

Xavier girls eat their lunch while watching the movie “Mulan” for Women’s History Month.

Nina Rawal, Club Writer

Over the past year, people worldwide have realized that there is a lack of understanding for diverse cultures in communities. As a result, Xavier has decided to start the We Are Xavier Club or WAX Club.

 Everyone who is part of the WAX Club has one main initiative: promoting diversity on Xavier’s campus. The members have hosted many events to achieve this goal, such as a Bollywood Dance at lunch for Diwali and showing Mulan at lunch for Women’s History Month. 

The WAX Club has four different committees: art, dance, music and food. Each uses these different aspects of culture to spread awareness about various religions and backgrounds. Being a part of the WAX Club is a fantastic experience for all those who participate. Members are able to hear stories about the vast array of cultures and backgrounds. Most importantly, members love being part of a club that aims to teach all Gators about the myriad of customs and traditions on Xavier’s campus. 

As sophomore Mia Feix, the history committee’s co-president, mentions, “I love the sense of community within the members of WAX Club and that it is such a great platform for people to voice their opinions and share their own stories. It is a judgment-free zone where everyone is welcome and appreciated.”

Xavier’s Diversity Month was filled with lots of events that taught students about the backgrounds at Xavier. For example, Irish dancing for Saint Patrick’s Day was a massive hit among the students. It served as a significant moment as the girls learned more about the art of Irish dancing and Saint Patrick’s Day as a whole. 

For Black History Month, there was a cakewalk for snacks, such as Famous Amos cookies created by a black entrepreneur. There was also music played that was written and sung by famous black artists. 

Girls at Xavier have loved learning about different traditions. Sophomore Tatum Zerbib stated, “I love seeing WAX put on events at lunch. It always excites me as I know I’m about to learn something new about some of the Xavier girls.” 

Overall, the WAX club is becoming an indispensable part of promoting diversity on Xavier’s campus. This year was a great start for WAX, and the club will continue to work at promoting diversity next year.

Sophomore Daria Turico dances for students on Saint Patrick’s Day.
(Photo Credit: Alexandra Lopez)